GM Ekiti Fresh FM,Jide Ogunluyi Refutes Allegation of Absconding by former boss

The general manager of Fresh FM in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti state,Mr Jide Ogunluyi has denied allegation by his former boss that he absconded from duty.


Ogunluyi in a press statement reacted to the allegation published in two National papers by his former boss and the management of New cruise FM,Ikere Ekiti.


The statement reads:



“My attention has been drawn to publications on the above subject matter where it was claimed by Newcruse FM Ikere Ekiti that I absconded from my duty post as Head of Station and subsequent release disclaimer/ public notice to that effect.


” I am indeed embarrassed and caught unawares as I duly resigned my appointment with the radio station.


“The resignation was dated 1st of April 2022 and was forward to the official email of the chairman/ founder of the station Chief Wole Olanipekun.


“And because of the urgency of the new assignment before me, I forfeited a Month salary, not even the basic salary as required by law but my entire salary package.


” Therefore, I see no reason behind the publications since I have made the required sacrifice as dictated by the law of the land. How could Newcruse FM come with the word ‘abscondment’ when the management/ founder have my permanent home adress, telephone number & email address to remedy any situation if in their own view, the resignation was not proper?


” Was any information sent to any of my contacts, home adress or email as a sort of warning before rushing to the press to make the publications?

“Who then is absconding? , and for what? . I hold the chairman/ founder of the station Chief Wole Olanipekun in high esteem but I must confess that the publications are in bad taste. To my colleagues in broadcast journalism,


“I only moved to another radio station to continue to exploits in the broadcast media.


“Therefore, I have not absconded !”. Ogunluyi stated.

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