Appealing judgement Against Oyebanji, Mere Shadow-boxing, Adedayo Tells Challenger

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress in Ekiti State, Hon Adesola Gold Adedayo, has appealed to the loser and proponent of the suit filed against the governor elect, Biodun Oyebanji, not to appeal the court judgement dismissing his case.


The Osun -Ekiti, Moba Local government area born grassroots politician, said appealing such a sound and convincing verdict would be tantamount to Shadow- boxing voyage for the litigant and APC governorship aspirant in the January 27, 2022 primary, Mr Kayode Ojo.

Adedayo, a former Senior Legislative Assistant, said this on Friday in reaction to the Thursday’s judgement of the Federal High Court sitting in Ado Ekiti, that dismissed Ojo’s suit for lack of legal potency .

The politician praised the judiciary for being thorough in telling the litigant that his case had ab initio clay-footed and technically deficient, and could not stand legal scrutiny in any legally constituted court.

The APC stalwart added that the verdict had further reinforced the unassailable fact that Oyebanji emerged through the popular will, both at the party and general election levels.

He said it was a wild goose-chased venture and ill-conceived motive , for any aspirant to be contesting such primary, considered to be free, fair and represented the popular will of the majority.

“Let me congratulate the governor-elect, Hon Biodun Oyebanji, for being extricated from this judicial conundrum brought by his adversaries to confuse the system.

“Even the worst skeptics knew quite well that Oyebanji was the most popular and most acceptable among the aspirants in APC and that accounted for the landslide victory recorded in the June 18 poll.

“Now that the siege was over, I appeal to peace-loving members of APC to rally round the governor-elect by rebuffing going on any frivolous appeal that can distract governance when the new government berthes in Ekiti.

“We must allow contest and muscle-flexing to end at the level of election, so that our democracy can grow and development can start reflecting in the lives of average Ekiti men, for whom the leaders are holding powers in trust for”, Adedayo said.

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