Transparent Politics of Senator Wadada’s and Paradigm Shift in Nasarawa State

By Oluwasegun Aina

Senator Wadada

People Rejoice when Chosen Ones and Lovers of Development attain leadership Positions in Contemporary Society. This is what the good people of Nasarawa West currently enjoyed in the Transformational Representation of Senator Ahmed Wadada representing the Senatorial District. First and foremost, a Gold Fish has no hiding place leading to his elevation from House of Representatives being Member of 10th Nigerian Senate after defeating his opponents with wide mirgin of votes despite short term he pitched tenet with current political party.

He impressive Performance so far is moral justifications of his Constituents calling for him to aspires for Governorship seat in the State ahead of 2027 general election with deep passion for Growth. Interestingly, the Paradigm Shift for Nasarawa West to produce the next Governor of the State is highly sacrosanct.

Years back, Senator Ahmed Wadada has kept good governance moving in Nasarawa West with extension to other parts of the State by delivering impactful dividends of democracy, following the path of sustainable progress and development despite not being Governor but a federal lawmaker representing his federal constituency and later to Senator representing Nasarawa West senatorial district.

With this popular mandate, he has established a new standard for governance in Nasarawa State mostly in Nigeria particularly setting the bar very high because that is what the good people of Nasarawa State deserves. With him at the helms of affairs of the State, peaceful co-existence amongst all and sundry is assured, economic development, adequate security and human capital uprising is guaranteed.

In Nasarawa State, amongst jostling for governorship seat come 2027 if need be, Senator Wadada is reasonably blessed with corporate leadership qualities. He is brilliant, intelligent, energetic, accommodating, detribalized, accessible with valid integrity and exposure to move Nasarawa State to Greatness. Though, he hasn’t declared intention to contest but people keep clamouring for him to run due to his sincerity of purpose. His Constituents can testify to his good deeds that only he has solid records of delivering dividends of Democracy.

Ahead of the 2027 general elections, Senator Ahmed Wadada calling to accept calls to run serving his fellow indigenes of Nasarawa State as Governor shows there is need for him to lead his people in reviving the lost glory by giving the masses quality and effective representation through the proposing and making politics and governance an arena for the serious accomplishment and representation.

Wadada’s sense of purpose, clarity of vision and determination to address the myriad of challenges bedeviling the Nasarawa State is second to none. He will deliver his homestate people from the stagnant circle by repositioning the State for development to thrive.

The People of Nasarawa State have seen beyond those who think that their own bread is buttered by promoting dependence rather than a serious effort to address poverty, empower people and expands equal opportunity for all Constituents. Nasarawa State will be in a very safe hands with Senator Ahmed Wadada come 2027.

Oluwasegun Aina, a Journalist Public Affairs Analyst writes from Abuja. He can be reached at ( 08063180051 WhatsApp)

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