EKSU Convocation: Ade Adeseke chronicles marital woes in Five and Six

By Olayinka Magbagbeola


Life is full of bright and dark moments and when the dark moments emanate from close family members such as one’s wife, mother-in-law and those on whom one has expended so much material things and energy on, the situation becomes scary, sapping, enervating and perplexing. This is the situation in which Foluso Ajayi finds himself in the play, Five and Six which is a reflection of the marital experience of the Playwright and Director. Folusho Ajayi (Morayo Ayodeji Emmanuel), the main character of the play, loves his wife, Joju (Adeleke Temitayo Priscilla) so much that he shoulders the responsibilities of her family, especially that of Mama, his mother-in-law (Ogboru Vivian Ogheneochuko) – something he does willingly even at the detriment of his primary responsibilities to his own family


However, despite Folusho’s commitment and dedication as a son-in-law, Mama demands more than she is getting from her daughter’s marriage. She complains that Joju has changed towards her since she got married to Folusho and has transferred all the love to Folusho alone. Joju finds Mama’s complaints to be unfounded and displaces Mama’s insistence that she should reduce the love she has for her husband.

Mama resorts to employing diabolic means to ensure that Joju does all her biddings. This makes Joju to start misbehaving towards Folusho until matters get out of hand. She lies to her parents that Folusho has been beating and abusing her, and that he has been sleeping with his daughters. She also arranges with the police to arrest and torture Folusho for weeks. Meanwhile, Yori (Ogunsakin Isaiah Temiloluwa), Folusho and Joju’s house-help, had seen Mama while she was using charms on her daughter. Also, Folusho had placed CCTV cameras around the house for security purposes and had caught Mama during the act. Not long, all Mama’s secrets are revealed and she alongside Joju and Baba eventually come to Folusho to ask for forgiveness. Folusho agrees to forgive them but decides not take them back into his life.

The play is a mirror of the ordeals of most young men across the world who have been erroneously accused of pedophilia. It is a metaphor of the traumatic experiences faced by men who fall under this category. To achieve verisimilitude, the Playwright-Director, Ade Adeseke adopted realism to dramatise the day-to-day activities of the Ajayis, thereby showing the audience the intricacies that they are familiar with. The lines were carefully punched to ensure clarity and word-picture as well as to make the setting appealing. The Playwright-Director introduced a few dances to enliven and enrich the performance and to douse the seeming dark moments of Foluso Ajayi’s perplexing angst. In addition to the above, multi-media was deployed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the performance.

It is worthy of mention that about ninety-five percent (95%) of the performers were 200 level first semester students of the Department of Theatre and Media Arts of the University which is a commendable feat. In reaction to this, the Vice-Chancellor expressed his happiness that the themes raised in the play are germane and relevant, especially to the young ones who are yet to enter into the institution called marriage. He stated that, “I am very excited today. The play we just watched has a lot of lessons. I have my own personal lessons that I have learnt but it is more important for our students and young ones here to pick from it. I must confess that the performance was quite perfect, considering the level of experience and expertise displayed by the 200 level students. It is my prayer for all my sons and daughters here that may you not marry wrongly.” The Vice-chancellor further emphasised his relentless commitment to the growth of the Department of Theatre and Media Arts.

In his closing remarks, the Director appreciated the University Management, led by the Vice- Chancellor. He equally appreciated all invited guests and members of the University community for gracing the occasion as well as all departmental staff and students for working effortlessly in ensuring that the Convocation Play was a success.

The Convocation Play for the 28th Convocation Ceremonies of Ekiti State University, Ado- Ekiti was performed on Monday 25th March, 2024 at the University Auditorium. The play titled, Five and Six was written and directed by Ade Adeseke, a Reader in the Department of Theatre and Media Arts of the University. The event was attended by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Edward Olanipekun, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Developments), Prof. Ayantunji Adeleke, the Bursar, Mrs. Ojobanikan Oreoluwa Janet, the University Librarian, Prof. F. A. Fabunmi, the Dean of Social Sciences, Prof. Olu Olufayo, the Provost, School of Postgraduate Studies, Prof. Kemi Ogundana, the Dean, Students Affairs, Prof. Olu Omotosho as well as members of staff and students of the University.

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