Stand Against Domestic Violence,Actress Amaka Obi Urges

Nollywood actress and businesswoman, Amaka Obi chatted with Potpourri expressed deep emotions over the unpalatable news and consequences of domestic violence trailing around.

The sad incident of the untimely death of gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu said to be an outcome of domestic violence is still very much awake with laden emotions and reactions from people across the country.


The Nollywood actress,Amaka bursted that everyone must stand against domestic violence.


Amaka says. “Even though we were not inside to see what triggered the man’s action, I believe people don’t just wake up & decide to start beating their partners. You either would have seen that trait in them or they just suddenly became afflicted. (Which obviously should have a reason) I’ll say “speak up for help or leave when the situation has gone beyond what you can handle.”


Amaka posited that marriage should be a blissful experience and that one should think deeply before taking the plunge.


“Marriage should be a blissful addition, a safe place away from this cold world. My ideal partner first, is a man who loves and acknowledges God. Who doesn’t find happiness in money but must also love money (hardworking), a great sense of humor, passionate about legacy & most of all a lover boy,” she said.


Amaka Obi has taken a bit of a breather from acting because she has been building her business known as Mirror Skin Africa which has kicked off with (MSHOMES), a furniture house where she sells imported, homemade furniture, and everything household.


“It’s something I’m super enthusiastic about, as it has a lot of features coming under it. and also looking into the influencing industry as I have already gotten involved with a few couture houses while looking forward to signing more deals & contracts in regards to fashion & brand influencing,” she added.

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