Mindsets of Greatness


By Damilola Oyeyemi

The word ‘’mind’’ refers to the set of faculties responsible for all mental phenomen such as thoughts, imagination, memory, will, and sensation. Mind is the most powerful tool for birthing greatness and fulfilling destiny. Your mind makes your thoughts, your thoughts is who you are. You are as good as your thoughts.

As a young person, these are the right mindset to achieve greatness in life.

Have a possibility mindset.
-Whatever your mind can conceive, it can achieve. This is the mantra of a possibility mindset. It helps to believe that all things are possible. A possibility mindset can also be referred as ‘’positive mindset’’ that stays optimistic in tough and hard times.

No matter how hard or tough a goal or task might look like. Positive mindset keeps you moving on achieving it. It motivates you to put in your best effort in getting things done. Instead of quitting, you make amendments to the earlier plans, get advice from experts, try to approach it in another way, keep the vision in view, remain dogged in pursuit, and never lose sight of the vision.
Possibility mindset makes you believe achieving all of your goals are possible.

Growth mindset. A growth mindset never stops learning and growing. The moment your mind ceases to learn and assimilate new methods and perspectives, you begin to lose the potential for greatness because learning never ends.

One of the major ways to grow is to read books, watch the news and stay current. Do well to Learn from other people, observe your environment, get varying perspectives, engage in meaningful dialogues, watch inspirational movies, practising these will sharpen your mindset.

Lastly, have a progressive mindset. Even While you are doing that small thing, be progressive. Know that great miles start with taking little steps. Nothing is bad in starting small, but do not remain small. Expand your vision beyond who you are, where you are and what you have currently.

Progressive mindset births greatness, and leave long lasting legacies for others. See beyond today, do things with the future in mind.

So, as you work on your growth, possibility and progressive mindset. You are your way to being the best, get ready for greatness.

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