Five Types Of Women Who Should Not Take Birth Control Pills.

Contraceptive pill

Birth control pills are made of chemicals (hormones) that normally occur in a woman’s body. When taken correctly, the birth control pill is one of the most effective ways to avoid pregnancy.

However, according to healthline, there are certain women who should not take birth control pills.

According to the World Health Organization, the 5 types of women who experience the following should not take birth control pills:

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1. A woman whose period is late and who suspects she is pregnant

. A woman who suffers from severe or ongoing pain in one of her legs or hips. This may be caused by an inflamed vein. Do not use birth control pills if you have varicose veins.

3. Stroke: A woman who has had a stroke should avoid using birth control pills.

4. Hepatitis, cirrhosis, or other liver disease:

Women with these problems, or whose eyes had a yellow color during pregnancy, should not take the pill. According to healthline, it is better not to take oral contraceptives for one year after having hepatitis.

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5. Cancer: Do not use oral contraceptives if you have a history of breast or womb cancer.

Before you begin to use oral contraceptives, examine your breasts carefully.

In some hospitals, you may be required to run a simple test (pap smear) to check for cancer of the cervix or opening of the womb.

Birth control pills do not cause cancer, but if cancer of the breast or womb already exists, the pill can make it worse.

However, the World Health Organization warns that women who suffer from asthma, tuberculosis, or epilepsy should get medical advice before taking birth control pills.

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