Elections: Tom,Dick,Harry Declares on selfish interest – Nigerians react

Reactions and controversies are mounting up as preparations for new Political dispensations gather momentum in some states and particularly at the centre in Nigeria, while Political drama is gradually unfolding.


Nigerians have taken it up with expression of displeasure on what they described as “the manner and alarming rate of declaration/ aspirations by Politicians, despite  challenges at the various crucial sectors in the country”.


The Nigerians described the “declaration rain” as “high level of Political debasement” with “apparent avarice,self centeredness , lukewarm and nonchalant attitudes of Politicians to national development”


Those who spoke with Newshereandthere lament the abject rate of economic situation in the country which they claimed was the handwork of Political leadership in Nigeria.


“It’s a pity that Politicians who have been tested and failed woefully are still bold on contest.


“Those who have no solutions on the parading strike in nations tertiary institutions, youth unemployment, insecurity and inflation in general .

“It’s a pity that the Political stakeholders are only interested in installing successors who would cover their rots and further their selfish initiatives at the expense of innocent Nigerians.


“People are dying of hunger,health/ various challenges, while array of aspirants are leisurely springing up to collect the highly exorbitant Political forms like free of charge.


“Every Tom ,Dick and Harry who have failed woefully in their various lesser Political positions are springing up day in and day out to un patriotically declare for  the strategic position in the country”.


The Nigerians called on relevant stakeholders to strive and prevail on the Politicians by thwarting what they described as “the inordinate ambitions” in the interest of the nation.

They noted that “Nigeria at this time needs a leader with emphaty for the masses, intellectual acumen that will drive practical solutions to the various challenges on ground and lift the country from  downtrodden”.

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