ActionAid Nigeria restates Committment to Meaningful partnerships in tackling poverty, inequality others

Leyoo Ajeokun

ActionAid Nigeria (AAN) has stressed its determination to generating  national and international partnerships and alliances to address root causes of poverty and inequality within the country.

The newly appointed Country Director, AAN, Andrew Mamedu, who was unveiled by the Nigeria Board of Trustees under the leadership of Dr Jummai Ajijola recently in Abuja maintained that the focus will remain on “the poor and excluded, especially women, girls, children, and persons with disabilities.”

Mamedu assured to build on the achievements and impacts of his predecessors, “most notably the esteemed Ene Obi” adding that he will run an open door policy, and ensure women and children remain top priority under his tenure as Country Director of ActionAid Nigeria.

He also commended the media for being a strong partner and friend that had ensured what AAN does is amplified and made known, and promised to sustain the relationship and take it to greater heights.

On flood issues, he said they had a response team in couple of States, and our response will galvanize both from project level, from international to get funding to be able to respond to all these issues.

“We have set up a team that is already engaging with Government including National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, Ministry of Environment. The level of government escalation is different from last year.

So those are the things we working on and we intend to step up. What we are meeting with Government is on the issue of asking people to go to higher ground, and our question is where is the higher ground? Not places like schools that would keep our children out of school.

NYSC camps could be used as higher grounds if they are available or we build new locations those are the things long term and sustainable things we are looking at when we are dealing with flood.”

He also revealed plans of mitigating impact of the flood on Nigerians, “We have some funds that have been set aside.

“We are already discussing with our partners including those outside this country that we are going to raise some funds and we also have other NGOs.

“So, it is not only ActionAid whom we are going to be working with to respond to those emergencies and we have priorities, and the major priority is women, children, the elderly, Persons With Disability, and young people,” he said.

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