2023: Outcome of Political Consultation ‘ll determine my Presidential ambition,says Fayemi

The Ekiti State governor Kayode Fayemi has commenced Political consultation with critical stakeholders as determinant on his ambition to contest the 2023 Presidential election.


Fayemi was in Akure on Tuesday to visit the Ondo state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu as part of the consultations.


The Chairman Nigeria Governor’s Forum (NGF) said “I’m not an aspirant, I may become one but that would depend on the totality of the consultations that I’m currently conducting.”

Fayemi however expressed confidence on his capacities to lead Nigeria added that the country needed an experienced leader capable of improving on the developmental structure of President Muhammadu Buhari.


He said ” I believe I have the requisite experience to understand the enormity and the complexity of the Nigerian challenge and offer a fresh perspective on how to take the country forward.


“I come to this process with an extensive wealth of experience and as someone who has always been involved in the struggle to right wrong in our country either as a student union activist or as a pro-democracy activist.


“As a leading light in the civil society movement and subsequently as governor, minister, chairman of all the governors in Nigeria”


According to him, “Our country has witnessed significant developments, we have made a lot of strides under President Muhammadu Buhari but the job is not yet finished. The job still has additional aspects to be addressed.


“Nigerians will want somebody of experience, somebody of knowledge, competence, capacity, energy and above all courage, courage to do what to is right and that is what has brought me in consultation to Ondo State.


“You of course know that I’m from Ondo State, there is no debate about that. Yes, there may be seclusion for administrative convenience between Ondo and Ekiti State, but we are one.

“I have been involved alongside my brother in the struggle for a better western Nigeria and a better Nigeria and many of the things we have done have demonstrated that our love for Nigeria is not to the detriment of our own people.


“For us, in Western Nigeria, we believe equity, fairness, justice, we believe in those things that would make Nigeria a better place regardless of where any of us may come from.


“I have that responsibility to be a bridge-builder. That is the role I played as the Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum. If you follow closely, you will see me in all parts of this country trying to douse one fire or the other, trying to complement the efforts of my brothers — the governors in all those different parts.


“And that has given me greater insight into the challenges that our people are experiencing and of course greater knowledge of the peculiarities of different communities and constituencies in order to be able to apply myself and the knowledge and the contact that I have across the length and breadth of our country and globally


“That is why I’m in Ondo State to consult with Mr Governor and to seek his wise counsel on this journey. As you know, I’m not an aspirant, I may become one but that would depend on the totality of the consultation that I’m currently conducting.”


Akeredolu appreciated Dr Fayemi and his entourage for the visit and wished him well in his consultations.

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