2023: Muslim/ Muslim Ticket ‘ ll not Work- UACC President,Owoyemi

…Calls for  more adequate security  in worship centers


Following the attack that claimed several lives of worshippers at St Francis Catholic Church owo in Akure Ondo state as perpetrated by unknown gunmen who stormed the church with sporadic shooting during church service ,President of the United Apostolic Church of Christ UACC worldwide , Dr James Owoyemi has advocated the needs for proper security measures in worship centres for safety and protection of peoples’ lives at congregation.


The UACC president expressed surprise that people could be adamant to perpetrate heinous crime in the house of God , he added that the fervent prayers by men of God it’s the only thing keeping up Christianity in Nigeria.


Owoyemi also warned political stakeholders to never attempt muslim/muslim ticket in the forthcoming general election considering the multi religious state of Nigeria.

The cleric spoke yesterday in Ikere Ekiti during an interview session organized by the UACC Media Crew led by the UACC Media Director, Pastor Paul I. Erakhifu to commemorate this year, 2022 annual trustee meeting of the church which also featured prayer crusade.

The cleric appreciated God for what He has been doing in the Ministry so far called for Divine intervention on State of the Nation.


“ we have this conviction that in our country ,the will of God will prevail

“UACC is a denomination, we gather together like this every year to deliberate on how to move this church forward, the church in Uro,ikere Ekiti is one of the regional headquarters of the church ,this is the trustees seat, we do meet here every year to deliberate on how to move the church forward, but there is something we have just added this year now which is open air crusade and we have successfully conducted that at the pavilion, heart of the city in Ikere Ekiti and that’s how it will continue”


The Ikere Ekiti born Cleric further explained that “We have our missionary headquarters at Akure, in Ondo state , general headquarters at Lagos .


Expressing serious concern on security and safety of people referencing the recent killings at Owo, the UACC president said:


“its important that we secure our churches wherever we gather ,because this burgles , devices here and there we have to be mindful of what goes on , we have said it before, it happens in our different churches ,we have security department that knows who comes in and who goes out to monitor whats happening.


“ it is important we do that because of what goes on in our midst . At the same time, we want to appeal to our government to be proactive in the issue of security , there is curiosity in the security in the country . can you imagine, one will least expect that such thing would happen to worshippers.


“some people just went in there with gun shooting, its disheartening , we pray that such will never happen again .


“ clerics are praying enough. things like this have happened in the past ,it also happened in the Bible where people were praying and were attacked ,this is not the first time , its just that it has not happened before in our area ,that’s why its significant , but we know in church we are praying, if not because of the prayer , Christianity will not be like this in Nigeria ,prayer is our sustainance. Bible has said it that Kingdom of hell will not prevail against the church,we are praying and that’s is why the church of God is moving”


Ahead the 2023 general election,he signaled warning to political parties on choice of running mates in the interest of peace and unity in the country .


“Nigeria is so complex ,you don’t expect Nigeria where you have multi religious organizations to have president as a muslim and vice president as a muslim, it cant be ,Nigeria is so wide that it cannot accommodate muslim/ muslim ticket , we appeal to people in that area to look critically ,because they may just be looking at it in one angle ,but if they look critically they will know that will not work in Nigeria”


He added that the country needs a Leader that has the mind of God

,”we wish that we have leader with the interest of the citizenry at heart ,not selfish attitude because we discovered that this selfish attitude has been causing all sort of corruption and that is what has been affecting the country.

“ we are hoping and praying that God will enthrone the leader that will serve with the fear of God”


The UACC President appealed to resident of Ekiti state to embrace peace for successful conduct of the Saturday governorship poll .

“We appeal to our people to be calm and do things the way it should be ,why should you surrender yourself as a tool in the hand of devil ,there is going to be a change of power, and somebody is luring you into violence ,we appeal to our people to stay calm ,we have prayed, its part of our prayers that there should be peace in Ekiti and this transition will go smoothly by the grace of God”

On his part, the UACC General Secretary Pastor Joseph Eniola Oluwatuwase appreciated God for the success of the program ,he said “the program was well planned and it ended in praise ,we have cause to thank God “.

Wife of the President ,Rev. Mrs Joke Mary Owoyemi at the event advised the girl child to move closer to God.


”we all know what is happening in the country.
Society, government should help the girl child ,educate them morally and all aspects they need our help


“parents have a lot to do on female child, as a mother we should move closer to our female child, educate them and let them know what they should know as females to avoid being misled by peer groups “.


On women participation in politics , she said ,
“As a woman, we are to support our men , because we are helper, the Lord says, I will make for him a helpmate, men in politics need the supports of women. More women should join politics to participate and play the supportive roles”


Owoyemi explained that first pastor wives’ conference of the church comes up in Ibadan February next year .

“God will help us, it will be the first of its kind Holy spirit will take control , its going to be great .God has promised us that He would support us, He would back us” she added that her relationship between the wives of the pastors is cordial.

“We are so close ,we have cordial relationship with one another and they are ready to cooperate with me”

The UACC General Superintendent, Rev. Samuel Opeyemi Ogunlade also appreciated God as “He always take control in all the programs and activities of the church”.

The General Evangelist of the mission , Prophet (Dr.) Gabriel Alo gives thanks to God Almighty for the success of the program.
On evangelism of the church, he said “we are moving forward, we are trying to expand the evangelism and by the grace of God we will get there.”,

The UACC auditor general and member of trustees, Rev. Felix Tunde popoola said
The trustees held their meeting with crusade led by the President .

“ The impact is rich for people to repent and move forward, for those who are far away from God to come near to Him”


The Ekiti state superintendent of UACC, Pastor Adeniyi Afolayan Abiodun said the event was his first assignment , he said ,”I thank God that everything went smoothly , God takes perfect control of everything”


One of the chorister of the church in Ekiti, Mrs Alaba Ifedolapo also appreciated God for the trustee/crusade programme .

“we all feel the presence of Holy Ghost and we pray that the spirit of God will not depart from the church”, she said.

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