2023 : Concerned Ekiti Indigenes Want Fayemi, APC To Concede Senatorial Ticket To Ise/Orun

….Lament Marginalization


A political interest group under the aegis of Ise/ Orun Concerned Indigenes in Ekiti state has lamented alleged Marginalization in concrete Political positions in the state.


The group bemoaned that their son , Senator Dayo Adeyeye who somehow had an opportunity was in no time sacked by Court judgement.


The group therefore appealed to the state governor Dr John Kayode Fayemi and the All progressives Congress APC to compensate their loyalties to the ruling APC and the current JKF administration with a substantial political reward .


The group which comprised politicians, representatives from various quarters and other stakeholders while reviewing the political state of affairs of the Local Government in an enlarged meeting at the weekend maintained this position in a statement signed by it’s Chairman Olorunfemi kehinde and Secretary Afolabi Ilesanmi.

It alleged that the council had not enjoyed fair political representations in government since 2010.


The indigenes specifically urged the ruling APC to cede the Ekiti South Senatorial slot to the council as mark of appreciation,stressing the area deserves it by merit owing to its sustained loyalty to the party.


“The truth of the matter is that our Local Government has not been enjoying fair political representations under the APC administration since 2010.


“It is a fact that during the PDP era, our council enjoyed more patronage in terms of dividends of democracy, elective positions and political appointments. Ise/Orun indigenes had rare opportunities to be elected into House of Representative on two occasions even though then, our community voting strength was so low.


Still, we were treated as a local government in the south then. Unlike now that nothing is coming from APC political party to Ise/Orun. “the statement reads in part.


Ise/Orun Indigenes also lamented that the only opportunity had by the council in 2019 was shortlived with the sack of Senator Dayo Adeyeye by the courts.

“Yes! Prince Dayo Adeyeye was elected through APC was removed by the Court’s. Unfortunately, it was only him that loses his court case in an election that produces two House of Representatives members for the APC.

“We Ise/Orun never see APC Political Party impact in his court case.


“We need to ask how first and second term of JKF is fair to us as a local government and also ask if APC really consider Ise/Orun as part of other local Governments in the State?

“Ise/Orun had been fair to the government of Gov Kayode Fayemi and APC as a party but all our requests from this party/government have been denied. We appealed for APC to consider Ise/Orun for governor, we were later hoping for Deputy Governor, unfortunately both were denied ”

“The senatorial position that was taken from us that we think it can still be our last hope to justify our commitment to the party APC and persuade our people .

“We the concern indigenes of Ise/Orun won’t take that but show our grievances with vote, Ise/Orun want SENATE not house of representative!! we appeal to APC to give us our SENATE back. It doesn’t have to be Prince Dayo Adeyeye again but any other committed party member from our communities .”

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