Women Charged on how to Triumph over entreprenaurial Obstacles

Adebayo Adenrele


The label of Old tradition on a Woman is “The weaker vessel” ,she is considered as an indoor rat who only rallies around Kitchens, Bedrooms and gardens.

Her responsibilities are contingent to the so-called traditions which have been in negative tandem with her strength as opposed to her male counterparts.

No wonder it’s hard to see her threading on the path of leadership unless the one who put aside gender to make the impossibilities possible and become another gender the world tagged “Boss Woman.”

It is noteworthy to say that working hand-in-gloves is one-sided, with the influence of a woman being ignored in the production process because they believe she lacks the ability, agility and capability needed in the terrain.

Against the backdrop of this, His Royal Highness,HRH,Amb.
Dr Olusegun Aderemi,JP, FIMC, CMC, MCArb, FIMS(UK), FSFS, FOSHA(UK), FSRS,FCAI, President, Occupational Safety and Health Association(OSHA) UK, Nigeria Region gave the submission that “Women entrepreneurship has been recognised as an important, untapped source of economic growth during the last decade. With the spread of education and awareness, Global women have shifted from the usual kitchen stuff, local handicrafts, and traditional cottage industries to more strategic living and actions like, Strategic Thinking, Curiosity, Time Management, Efficiency, Resilience, among others.”

Dr Aderemi spoke recently at the United Nations,UN women conference in New York. United State of America,USA.

The Lecture titled “Investing in Women through Entrepreneurial Skills” has the theme “Innovation and Technological Change and Education in the Digital Age for achieving Gender Equality and the Empowerment of all Women and Girls”,.

He highlighted the hindrances of a woman Entrepreneur to include: “Defiling all social expectations, fund access, struggling to be taken serious, Balancing Business and Family life, Coping with fear of failure, among others.”

Dr Aderemi decried that entrepreneurship is a male-dominated Industry, where women are considered as the minority entity whose voices are heard as whines and not a roar to take serious.

“No wonder they become aggressive in the quest to compete with their male counterparts and make hard decisions to prove superiority.”

Nevertheless, Dr Aderemi, who also doubles as the CEO of Automatic Fit & Energy Ltd has these to say to women on how to triumph over the blows being thrown at them by entrepreneurial woes:

“In a male dominated society, a woman entrepreneur has to build her confidence in getting a lesson from other successful women entrepreneurs and get tips from their experiences.

“Always dreaming big and not letting the fear of failure play with a thoughtful mind. Do not waste precious time on perfection before starting any kind of business.

“In a male dominated society with all negative comments remaining true to what is she and finding her ability are the keys to raising the level of success up.

“To overcome financial issues to get help from other female investors. Look around other women investors who are facing the same issues then get their support.

“Female entrepreneurs can increase the essential assets for their business by learning to ask for exactly what they need.”

“Suffice is to say that women would always be seen as women but, the rationality in the perception of her physical appearance can still be influenced by determination, dedication, consistency, high self esteem, among others”.

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