Wike’s Reckless Statements,A Growing Concern for Rivers State

By Joy Mordi

In a recent event in Port Harcourt, former Governor Wike boldly asserted, ‘I can paralyze your government, and nothing will happen.’ These audacious words, directed at his successor, Sir Siminalayi Fubara, raise concerns about the former governor’s perception of himself in relation to the state.

Barrister Wike appears to view himself as larger than the state, leaving little room for dissenting voices. The absence of any notable figures or leaders willing to challenge the former governor’s arrogance is conspicuous, suggesting a worrisome concentration of power in the hands of one individual.

Rivers state finds itself under the dominance of one man, with other voices of reason seemingly silenced. The question arises: should the people of Rivers continue to tolerate this, allowing themselves to be threatened by a man who asserts control over the entire political structure, claiming the ability to manipulate the people’s mandate at will?

It is widely acknowledged within the state that Barrister Wike is becoming increasingly uncontrollable. His past actions include a public falling-out with his mentor, Former Governor Rotimi Amaechi, where he not only condemned him but also threatened to render him politically irrelevant in the state.

Furthermore, Wike openly berated a traditional ruler, going so far as to label him a ‘Small boy.’ Such displays of arrogance and unguided statements against perceived opponents are becoming alarmingly frequent.

Following his defeat in the PDP Presidential primary election, Wike directed verbal attacks at his opponents, particularly targeting Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, who dashed Wike’s hopes of becoming the Vice Presidential candidate.

A serving minister in the FCT under Tinubu’s government making reckless statements is disturbing. This trend, far from being politics, reflects recklessness and insensitivity to the plight of Nigerians. In times when Nigerians crave good governance and the dividends of democracy, such political rancor takes away from the core issues that demand attention.”

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