Why Prince Michael Oluwadare Ogungbemi deserves re-election for Chairman, Ajoni LCDA.

Dear Esteemed Citizens of Ajoni Local Council Development Area,


As we approach the upcoming elections, it is crucial to reflect on the impactful leadership we have experienced under the guidance of Prince Michael Oluwadare Ogungbemi, the incumbent Executive Chairman of Ajoni LCDA.


Why Re-elect Prince Michael Ogungbemi?

🏛 Proven Leadership:

Prince Ogungbemi has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and qualities during his tenure, making Ajoni LCDA a beacon of progress and development among his peers.


🌍 Community Partnerships: His commitment to collaboration with foreign NGOs and international organizations has resulted in numerous projects that benefit the community, from educational initiatives to healthcare and economic empowerment.


🛣 Infrastructure Development:

Under his watch, Ajoni has witnessed significant infrastructural improvements, including road maintenance, 95 new market constructions and renovation, and the installation of 140 High Tec solar street lights, enhancing the overall quality of life.


👥 Empowerment Programs: Prince Ogungbemi understands the importance of empowering the community. He has successfully initiated Ajoni women empowerment programs that provide foodbags to over 150 elderly, widows and orphans. Trade supports funds to market men, women, iyalojas, iyalajes and women traditional chieftaincies holders. Skills training, grants, and support for 150 local businesses, contributing to economic growth and sustainability and boosted rural economy. 80 cassava and cashew farmers has been empowered in his tenure.


🌐 Global Recognition:

His visionary approach has garnered recognition not only locally but internationally. The recent Honor of the Honorary Ambassador of Success Award by an American Self Reliance training organization is a testament to his dedication and impact. Prince Ogungbemi has equally received distinguished leadership merit awards from the Nigerian Union Teachers, Ekiti State Chapter; Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria, Ekiti State Chapter; Nigerian Youth Congress, Ekiti State Chapter; Nigerian Union of Journalists Correspondence CHAPEL, Ekiti State Chapter; Police Community Relations Committee PCRC, Ekiti State Command; Nigerian Union of Local Government Employees, Ekiti State Chapter; Ekiti Achievers Award, Chronicles Magazine etc making him a multiple award winning local government Chairman in Ekiti State.


🏫 Education Enhancement: Prince Ogungbemi’s focus on education is evident through collaborations with organizations like BASIA/Co Africa, leading to the construction of international standard classrooms and the promotion of quality education for our children by conducting spelling bee competitions and providing eductional scholarships for indigent but academically sounds pupils/ students in Ajoni Communities .


🌿 Environmental Sustainability:

Initiatives such as the 7 solar-powered boreholes project through partnership with Ekiti State Rural water sanitation agency, repair of damages boreholes across Ajoni communities was carried out and partnerships with organizations promoting environmental well-being showcase his commitment to a sustainable and green Ajoni.

Several ecological control measures like opening of block drains, constructions of line drains and culverts, distilling, road verges and channelization of water ways by excavator has been carried out in his tenure.


🚑 Healthcare Advancements:

Through strategic partnerships, health services have been enhanced, through free medical intervention programme for about 1,000 elderly citizens ranging from medical diagnosis, treatment, free dugs and minor surgeries with Agbeyewa, including free malnutrition screenings for children within the age range of 6months to 3years with 6 six months supply rich macronutrient food supply for over 300 identified malnourished children within Ajoni Communities on a yearly interventiin programme and the rehabilitation of community health facilities.


Let’s Secure Our Future Together!

As we look to the future, Prince Michael Ogungbemi is a beacon of hope and progress for Ajoni LCDA. His unwavering commitment to good governance, transparency, and community well-being deserves our support.


PMO Okajue


🗳 Vote for Progress!

Vote for Prince Michael Oluwadare Ogungbemi!

Together, let’s continue building a thriving, prosperous, and united Ajoni.

🙏🏽 Your Vote Counts! Your Voice Matters! 🙏🏽 .

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