WHO Medical Doctor Dies of LassaFever in Benue

LassaFever Kills Medical Doctor in Benue

A medical Doctor in Benue State ,Dr Samuel Nyityo who is a staff of World Health Organization has died of complication resulting from LassaFever .

Nyityo’s death was confirmed by the State Commissioner for Health and Human Services, Professor Joseph Ngbea.

The Commissioner who also clarified on the rumour that another person also died alongside the doctor stated that the one other patient is recuperating and that it’s only the medical doctor that had so far died of lassa fever in the state.

The Medical Doctor reportedly died of lassa fever in December 2021 at Eruwa in Edo State.

The Benue State Commissioner for health told Journalists that “the medical doctor was diagnosed with lassa fever a few days ago and when there was no dialysis at the teaching hospital we quickly sent him to Eruwa in Edo State where he died on Sunday.

“We have also procured drugs worth N600,000.00. The emergency unit has come out with an action plan and has been mobilized to go into the houses of the two people to get those who had contact with them as well as to find out whether there are rodents there,”

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