TAJ SUITES in Ekiti to Facelift Hospitality Business – Founder

In a bid to promote tourism and hospitality sector in Ekiti state a world class hotel, TAJ SUITES, has been established.

TAJ SUITES is a decorated Hotel situated at the heart of Ado-ekiti, Ekiti state capital with a serene environment of global standard.

The founder of the Hotel Tokunbo Ajila-Jakande while speaking with Journalists at the opening of the hotel edifice stated that “I have had this initiative for a long time since 2006. I thought let me do something because I am not going to be here all the time.

“I thought of constructing a suite that I can rent out. This is not the formal hotel, here you have a kitchen, your own kitchen where you can prepare your own meals.”

She also noted that the Hotel will offer diverse delicacy both national and international, adding that she intend to reach out to students in the state who are interested in luxury and changing environment.

“There’s something unique about my restaurant, they are going to be serving Chinese food and pizza. Something that is not common around here.”

She gave assurance on viable security of Clients with the promise , disclosing that the state Governor Biodun Oyebanji would construct the roads that lead to the Hotel alongside employment of private security.

The Hotel Suites has 5 flats consisting of 2 bedrooms each, Swimming pool, Laundry, Standard spacious rooms, spacious living rooms, well equipped kitchen, fitness centre, bar, restaurant, Spa and powder room, among others.

Commissioning the hotel, wife of the state governor, Dr Olayemi Oyebanji, described TAJ SUITES as a testament to the vibrancy of the state and the promising future of Ado Ekiti.

“TAJ Suites is more than just a hotel; it is a testament to the vibrant spirit and promising future of Ado Ekiti. As we unveil these splendid suites, we open the doors to a new era of hospitality that combines elegance with warmth, creating an unforgettable experience for impending guests.

“Our commitment to service goes beyond the physical walls of this establishment. TAJ SUITES is a symbol of our dedication to contribute to the growth and development of our state. We believe in the potential of Ado Ekiti, and TAJ SUITES stands as a beacon of the prosperity that lies ahead.” She added.

She added that Governor Biodun Oyebanji has contacted contractor for the tarring of the road leading to the Hotel.

The event was attended by dignitaries from all walks of life and royal fathers included Ewi of Ado-Ekiti, Oba Rufus Aladesanmi III, represented by Ewi in council, former deputy Governor of the state, Professor Module Adelabu, among others.

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