Stay away from Alcohol consumption ,smoking, Radiation to Avert cancer- Medical Expert Charges Women

Women have been admonished to avoid alcohol consumption, smoking and radiation said to be major causes of cancer among females.

This hint was dropped yesterday by a former Head of Department of Staff Medical Services, University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan, Dr. Omolara Adelowo.


Dr Adelowo raised the alarm in Ibadan at health talk and get-together organised by Women in Surveying (WIS), the female wing of the Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS) Oyo state chapter.


According to Dr Adelowo while speaking on the theme of the event “Cancer in women: common types and early detection strategies” held at NIS building, Ibadan, there is the need for women to stay away from alcohol consumption and all forms of smoking.

She emphasized that for women to prevent breast, liver or lung cancer, the time has come for women in the country to shun alcohol consumption, smoking and more away from things that have high radiation, adding, breast cancer when goes to the brain, can make the carrier to go into coma.

“it is know that smoking of tobacco can cause lung cancer.

“There are some that can be hereditary and some environmental factors such as smoking. It can be active or passive smoking. Alcohol consumption is also part of it. It can cause liver cancer,” she said.

Dr Adelowo added that, “Radiation is part of it. That is why we have been warning women to always keep away from phones, tablets and laptops in the night or sleep near them. That is why we say that moving close to microwave is dangerous. Microwave has too much radiation.

“We have different types of cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer. Symptoms are lump in the breast, lung, weight loss, fever etc. If breast cancer goes to the brain, the person can go into coma.”

Speaking, the WIS coordinator, Surveyor Basirat Dairo said the programme was organised to create more awareness about the menace of breast cancer among women in the profession.

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