Rural , Urban Aid For Youth Development Initiatives (RUAYDI) Appoints Olufemi Emmanuel as International , National Protocol/Liaison Officer

Leyoo Ajeokun

In a significant development for the Rural And Urban Aid For Youth Development Initiatives (RUAYDI), the renowned International Non-Governmental Organization has announced the appointment of Mr. Olufemi Emmanuel as its International and National Protocol/Liaison Officer. This pivotal appointment comes with immediate effect and is poised to bolster RUAYDI’s outreach and engagement on both the national and international fronts.

The news was officially disclosed in a press  statement  by RUAYDI’s Information Officer, Samuel Anali. The statement  was signed by   Femi Oyebode, Executive Coordinator of RUAYDI who  is the Africa Representative and Board Member of the United Nations Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in Vienna, Austria.

This appointment signifies RUAYDI’s commitment to expanding its influence and fortifying its presence in the realms of national and international diplomacy, a move that aligns with its mission of youth development and crime prevention.

Mr. Olufemi Emmanuel, the newly appointed International and National Protocol/Liaison Officer, is entrusted with a range of vital responsibilities. His primary role will be to facilitate RUAYDI’s engagements, both within and outside of Nigeria. This entails liaising with governments, non-governmental organizations, corporate entities, and academic institutions, all in accordance with the directives of RUAYDI’s Board of Trustees.

Furthermore, Mr. Emmanuel is set to serve as a protocol officer for RUAYDI’s Board of Trustees, management, and other members of the organization. His duties will extend not only within Nigeria but also encompass the African continent and international interactions, strengthening RUAYDI’s global footprint.

The decision to appoint Mr. Olufemi Emmanuel was made in Abuja and garnered the full support of RUAYDI’s stakeholders. It is closely tied to the organization’s efforts to implement the Review Mechanism of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, further emphasizing RUAYDI’s dedication to combating organized crime on a global scale.

This appointment is poised to mark a new chapter in RUAYDI’s journey, underscoring its commitment to empowering youth, promoting development, and fostering international collaboration in the fight against transnational crime. With Mr. Olufemi Emmanuel at the helm of international and national protocols, RUAYDI is set to embark on a promising path of growth and impact, both in Nigeria and on the global stage.

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