Remote coding: ClassVisa offers learn-and-earn course to Nigerians, others

The demand for programmers has seen a geometric progress in recent years and will simply increase in the coming years. Coding is an opportunity to get a better income and to be a part of the digital economy, whether fresh out of school or later as a career transition.

When we started to look at the coding education landscape for foreigners in the US, we were surprised to see that the job offering just didn’t match the demand.

This has inspired ClassVisa, a US-based startup, to offer remote tech development training and apprenticeship to job seekers in countries of Africa and other developing countries as well as connecting successful participants who go through the 6 months training to remote job opportunities in the US.

Why ClassVisa?

Universities are too expensive for most people. Coding Boot camps are usually full-time programs that are expensive, even if cheaper than universities.

And they’re also only available in big US cities and being full-time usually requires that most people quit their jobs to participate. The full-time programs really don’t fit with what the market is asking for.

Consequently, ClassVisa designed a solution people that fits the need of most of the market.

ClassVisa offers two programs:

The first is an affordable 3-month coding Boot camp for absolute beginners to be trained by certified US-based tutors @ $150 per month. Who then go on to the apprenticeship stage and start receiving stipends.

The second is the apprenticeship program for developers with at least 1-year work experience. This allows every willing jobseeker to enroll for an 8-week apprenticeship and get matched with US-based tech companies for remote contract jobs within 6 months.

For the Boot camp course, the first part of the training program is a 4-week introductory course used to determine how much the trainee is a fit for the entire Boot camp. A self-paced basic coding course is available free-of-charge here.

Successful trainees who have displayed a keen desire to learn and solve problems with a can-do attitude and impeccable punctuality are allowed to move to the next stage of the Boot camp – the Apprenticeship – which includes both coding challenge, pair programming and internship.

How about those who cannot afford even the monthly $150 payment?

Affordable and easy payment options

An average coding Boot camp in the US costs between $10,000 – $25,000 for a 6-month program, this amount will be out-of-reach for most of the teeming unemployed or underemployed who may be willing to pursue this career advancement path. ClassVisa has devised a work-study and Income Share Agreement (ISA) model to ensure finance is not a barrier to achieving the dream of becoming a software developer.

This class of trainees can qualify for ClassVisa apprenticeship without paying a dime. By passing a 30-Days coding challenge and having demonstrable pair programming and communication skill in web development.

This model requires no down payment or monthly payment during the 8-weeks intensive React Web Developer Boot camp preceding the internship.

To cater for their tuition, students are given periodic tasks/gigs through ClassVisa’s small business partners; payment for these tasks are used to cater for trainee’s tuition while trainees get a monthly stipend from ₦15,000 guaranteed during the 8 weeks.

Once you start getting contract jobs, we take up to 50% of total payment of total gigs starting from $900 per month, depending on the volume and complexity of tasks trainees can complete each month.

To remain eligible for the core program, trainees must maintain at least 90% class attendance and complete at least 20 hours of gig tasks and assignments per week.

Our students can take our Boot camp while continuing to work and because we made it part-time, flexible, and online during the week with live classes on weekends.

IMPORTANT: To qualify for the no-payment-until-contract-placement-model, you must have at least 1 year work experience as web developer with proof.

Finally, contrary to many Boot camps, we are not only available in US cities but starting to spread to hundreds of countries through partnerships with tech hubs and schools.

Good news

The next cohort begins on Jan. 8, 2022.

Absolute beginners who want to take the 21-day challenge start on Jan. 3, 2022.

Interested persons can schedule and interview session here and you’d be redirected to a WhatsApp chat for further enquiries.

Henry Ebomah (CEO)

Lead Developer at Accenture & Coding Instructor at California State University,

Long Beach.

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