Race To Ekiti LG Polls & Political Manipulation, Marginalisation Of Ayetoro Ward 1& 2

By Bashorun Dare Owotomobi

There are roadblocks to a strong democracy in Nigeria at all levels of government. Conflict triggered by political competition and communal, ethnic, religious or resource allocation rivalries poses a major threat to democracy. Corruption pervades the daily lives of citizens, where marginalisation of a particular community over a decade becomes worrisome.

This article is never a response to the comment issued by a veteran journalist cum public affair analyst Mr. ADEBOB from Ilogbo-Ekiti, but an addendum, which I think it’s also going to be in affirmative to corroborating his write up on how a particular community is being short-changed or marginalised over a decade.

Ayetoro-Ekiti is a cosmopolitan town located on the outskirt of Ekiti State, few kilometres to border town of Otun-Ekiti, a gateway to Kwara State, is on Exact geographical coordinates, latitude and longitude — 7.990318800000001, 5.124966199999999, which is located in the time zone of West Africa standard time. It also seat on a second-order administrative division of Ido/Osi, Ekiti-State, Nigeria. with· 7° 59′ 18″ N · 5° 7′ 22″ E. and the population of over 10,000 people, as well as it’s two political wards.

These Political wards have greatly contributed in no small measures to the progress and political emancipation of Ekiti people like every other communities, but has not recorded a viable political positions since the demise of two political leaders the late Evang. Ade Alofe and Rt. Hon. Friday Aderemi of blessed memories, which clearly shows that the community had it so good under the PDP than the APC. Hence the community has been treated with disdain, haughtiness and superciliousness after the two above leaders have passed on to great beyond.

The Nigerian electoral system is a complex and evolving process that has undergone significant changes in recent years, this as Ayetoro-Ekiti as a town is part of the eight thousand, eight hundred and six (8, 806) political Wards in Nigeria, wherein the community’s two political wards are part of the one hundred and seventy-seven (177) wards in Ekiti state, which has not been well represented as it has been grossly short-changed.

As of 2023, the Nigerian electoral system has 119,973 polling units across the country. These polling units are organized into wards, which are further organized into local government areas, as virtually all communities in Ekiti state has it’s statutory councilors who must represent each of their wards. Therefore, our lawful councilors usually representing us at the council must not be seeing as a favour. The gladiators who are daily short-changing this community would have loved to remove these councilors if they have their ways.

As it’s today, Ayetoro-Ekiti is the most marginalised community in our clime. Let’s juxtapose this now; Osi-Ekiti as a community had its juicy positions with numbers of contract awarded her sons and daughters during the administration of former Governor, Kayode Fayemi where father and daughter were both appointees of the state government . Yet, Hon. Akin Osho from same community represented our constituency at the hallowed chambers.

Ido-Ekiti is currently the home town of our Senator, while Assembly is also domicile in the town, yet the chairman Ekiti council of Obas, emerged in the two wards community, Kabiyesi, k’ade pe lori ooo. Apart from this juicy positions, Apart from a Senator and house of Assembly, Ido-Ekiti is currently holding the mantle of leadership as Chairman of the Local Government and another special Adviser to Mr Governor.

Ilogbo community has commandant of Amotekun security corps, while Dele Omoleye was the immediate passed SA on Farm stead to JKF. Usi-Ekiti, Haaaaaa! that’s the hometown of our JAGBAN of Ido/Osi, the Special Adviser to Mr. Governor, where the former Chief of staff to Governor Kayode Fayemi, Tolu Ibitola hails from. Usi can as well boast of the current HoA, Hon. Yomi Ayorinde, while Commissioner Adeniyi Adebayo cannot be left out. So, what’s the position giving to our dear Ayetoro-Ekiti? we have been left behind and short-changed again.

If Usi-Ekiti a one town political ward, Osi-Ekiti a one town political ward can be well represented with juicy appointments and Ayetoro-Ekiti a one town with two political wards can be restricted to the back bench of local government with little or insignificant positions then our democracy is in danger as even distribution of positions dividends of democracy are not at it’s best practices in this area.

It is also on good record that
APC didn’t win Presidential, national Assembly, and Governorship Election in their Usi ward,even with former Chief of Staff to Governor, and commissioner and other SSA then ,yet that one ward was compensated again with a Commissioner, a house of Assembly member,and a Special Adviser, while Ayetoro that won in their two wards in those Elections is yet to have anything to show for it. This marginalisation and manipulation is highly disturbing, probably the gladiators are doing this to discourage all the foot soldiers in Ayetoro who fought tooth and nail from actively participating in the future elections, only God knows that.

Ayetoro-Ekiti has eminently qualified sons and daughters in All Progressives Congress APC both in academics and politics that can represent the community in all spheres of life.

To this end, this write up is a clarion call to all well meaning Nigerians, our leaders both at the local, state and the national levels that democracy is in danger in our local government if leaders concern fail to take the bull by the horns and ameliorate the present political quagmires, so as to forestall possible break down of law and order. Enough is enough.

Bashorun (Dr.) Dare Owotomobi
an ardent member of
the APC Writes from Ayetoro-Ekiti.

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