Quintessential thespian, Taiwo Ajayi Lycett receives backlash over comment on Wig

Some people have taken it against quintessential thespian, Taiwo Ajayi-Lycet over her comment on African women who wear wigs and human hair, describing them as people with low self-esteem.

Netizens and bloggers, especially those without knowledge of how immensely she has contributed to growing the theatre industry, have descended heavily on the thespian, asking her to mind her business. They are dragging her name through the mud.

That’s not palatable at all. Her critics who are mostly women are saying that 2024 should be a year we learn to mind our own business; let 2024 be a year we encourage other women instead of bringing them down or judging them because we don’t know what women are going through.
In addition, there are thousands of men and women who make a living by trading on wigs and human hair; Mama, they are grumbling that you want to spoil business for them ooo


Reacting to Mama Ajayi-Lycet’s view on women and wigs, a blogger that goes by the name, DiscoveringNatural in her video, said, “Some wear wigs to look different and for a number of reasons. People wear wigs because they have scalp issues or problems with their natural hair. Some have cancer and don’t have hair anymore. So by covering them with wigs they have low self esteem? I have long natural hair but sometimes I go for wigs and I don’t have low self esteem.”


She said Mama was being hypocritical for saying women should be made to be happy and that people should be kind to women in their lives for “if you want your life to be in order and successful, be kind to the women in your life…” They are asking if she is kind since her statement shows she’s putting them down instead.


Mama, some ladies are also arguing that since you wear makeup which makes us look Westernised, you also have low self esteem. See problem now?


One can only plead that before such sweeping statements are made, let us remember what happened at Oscars 2022. We all saw Will Smith slapping stars out of Chris Rock’s eyes for cracking a joke with Jada Pinket Smith’s hairless head. Like a lot of people said, Pinket, Smith’s wife should have worn the damn wig and that way, Rock wouldn’t have seen her as an object of comedy.


“Let us learn to stay in our own lane ooo because it’s not right to put down our fellow women. I’m a lover of natural hair, I wish everybody will rock their natural hair but women are free to want to look different,” DiscoveringNatural stated.

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