Prophetess Mabel Ajoke Ikudaisi: A Life of Faith and Miracles

By Omotayo Olatunde


In the heart of Ado-Ekiti, an extraordinary woman, Prophetess Mabel Ajoke Ikudaisi, has devoted her life to faith, divine revelations, and performing astonishing miracles, leaving an enduring imprint on her community.

Early Years of Divine Calling:
Prophetess Ikudaisi’s spiritual odyssey commenced during her early years when she discovered her gift for prophecy and revelations. Even as a student at Holy Trinity Primary School in Ikun Akoko and later at Christ Apostolic Church Modern Secondary School in Ire Akari, her divine calling was unmistakable. It was during her secondary school days that she received a profound revelation from a visiting blind prophet at her Anglican Church, setting the stage for her future.

Remarkable Predictions and Challenges:
At the tender age of 8, Prophetess Ikudaisi remarkably predicted the birth of twins for a pregnant woman passing her house, a prophecy that materialized. However, her gift wasn’t always greeted with open arms. Often, when she received revelations and prophecies, particularly during intense games of Ayo Olopon in her neighborhood, criticism and threats were her companions.

A Display of Spiritual Prowess:
In 1979, during her time in Benue State, she displayed her divine calling by delivering a child possessed by unclean, satanic spirits, a feat that affirmed her spiritual prowess.

A Journey Through Public Service:
Her journey continued when she joined the Ministry of Lands and Housing in Ondo State in 1979, working in the Town Planning Division as a Technical Assistant for fourteen years. During her tenure, she prophesied accurately about the fates of her colleagues, predicting retirements and layoffs during Governor Bamidele Olomilua’s regime. During this period, various prophets confirmed her destiny of establishing her church and marrying a man from Ekiti State.

A Turning Point:
In 1995, a pivotal moment occurred when she revived a woman named ‘Iya Seri’ from the dead, an event that sparked celebrations throughout the community. Her church soon became a haven for those seeking spiritual guidance and miraculous healing.

A Spiritual Home:
Upon her arrival in Ado-Ekiti in 1979, she contemplated joining the Cherubim and Seraphim Church but ultimately refrained due to doctrinal disparities. Her parents recognized her gift for revelations and prophecies and encouraged her, believing that she would eventually serve God.

Prophetess Ikudaisi’s life underwent a significant transformation when she joined the Christ Apostolic Church in 1981. Over the years, she sharpened her abilities and gained a reputation for accurately revealing examination questions to her colleagues, a talent that had its origins in her secondary school days. Her divine calling continued to solidify, culminating in the establishment of her church, Christ Apostolic Church C.A.C. OLORUNGBOGO Ekute Quarter Ado-Ekiti, in 2008.

Miracles and Challenges:
Despite encountering skepticism and facing accusations of employing charms or diabolical powers for miracles, Prophetess Ikudaisi remained steadfast, unmovable and always abounding in the work of the Lord. With the unwavering support of her faithful followers, she embarked on constructing her church building, following divine guidance that transformed it into a duplex.

A Divine Calling:
Also on her calling, she heard a loud voice from rock while on the river, and the Lord asked her to be delivering people falling inside the river.

Healing Waters:
There is a healing water in the church premises as directed by God; The water is a well specifically for spiritual uses, diverse healings, signs, and wonders through this water.

Family and Legacy:
Prophetess Ikudaisi married Pastor Isaac Adelowo Ikudaisi, who shared her surname. Their union was blessed with eight children and seven surviving children—three boys and four girls.

Continuing the Ministry:
Today, Christ Apostolic Church C.A.C. OLORUNGBOGO Ekute Quarter Ado-Ekiti, under the leadership of C.A.C. President worldwide Pastor Samuel Oladele, thrives as a center of faith and miracles. Prophetess Mabel Ajoke Ikudaisi’s unwavering dedication to her divine calling and her contributions to her community’s spiritual growth are beyond question. With 15 years of church service and her 65th birthday on the horizon, she remains a living testament to unwavering faith and commitment. All glory is accorded to God Almighty, the Alpha and the Omega, the ultimate source of her strength and purpose.

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