Princess Ogunwusi Decries Challenges on Female Child, Sets To Launch Advocacy On Women Inclusion

Progress Olakale

The Chief Executive Officer of the Princess Adedoja Ogunwusi Foundation and sister to Ooni of Ife said all formal arrangements have been concluded to set up an advocacy and legal team that would cater for women’s rights and inclusion in Brazil, USA, and in Nigeria.

Princess Ogunwusi added that the gesture was initiated to commemorate this year’s international Day of Girl Child.

A statement signed by the Project Director, Gbenga Sodeinde and made available to Newshereandthere explained that Princess Ogunwusi is ready to establish a team that would be “saddled with responsibility of fighting for women’s rights in a bid to ensure that women are no longer treated as only kitchen chiefs again”.

Princess Ogunwusi said, as part of the objectives of her organization, she is set to ensure promotion and empowerment of women/girl child adding that men are equally going to assist in her advocacy and fight to ensure these battle is won.

She said, ” I am not happy millions of girls are still being denied their rights to education particularly in Africa and the Northern part of Nigeria.

“It is worrisome to note that young girls and women are more often than not the victims in cases of wars and insecurity as they are left to bear the brunt of a disseminated economy when their male counterparts are killed or wasted during wars and other crises

She lamented that these situations are common and rampant particularly in Nigeria and other parts of Africa countries where such insurgencies, insecurity and war situation.

“At our meeting held yesterday to mark the girl child day in Brazil, we have concluded arrangement towards setting up an effective team that will work with our organization’s objectives to ensure eradication of exclusion, human trafficking among others as girl child are mostly affected.

“Towards ensuring this in Brazil, USA, and in Nigeria where our organization have been active, we are already talking to stakeholder, and action plans have been drawn in a bid to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

“We shall continue to do our best to ensure that protection, promotion and advocacy against deprivation, rapes and various forms of abuse against girl child.” Princess Ogunwusi added.

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