Popular Artiste Recovers From Kidney Disease in ABUAD Hospital

A major player in the Entertainment industry has recovered from longtime kidney disease. The artiste had a breakthrough at Afe Babalola University (ABUAD) Multi-System Hospital, Ado-Ekiti,
ABUAD disclosed the transplant was the first in the hospital and was  successfully carried out.
The  procedure  which lasted five hours, fifteen minutes  was said to be  the first of its kind in Ekiti/Ondo axis of the country.
The kidney transplant  according to ABUAD was carried out on a 46-year-old player in the Entertainment Industry who was diagnosed to be hypertensive as far back as 2017 had not been passing urine in the last six months as a result of which he has had difficulty breathing. He also required regular dialysis to keep him alive.
A statement  by the Director of Corporate Affairs of Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti, Mr. Tunde Olofintila stated that ” the patient who came entirely on his own to the Hospital on April 12, 2021, became critically ill in February 2021 – almost at the point of death.
“Before coming to ABUAD Multi-system Hospital, the patient has been taken to a healthcare facility in Ekiti state where he was being treated until there was an Industrial action as a result of which he could no longer be dialyzed.
“Out of sympathy for his critical condition, one of the Doctors at the facility gave him two options: either to proceed to another healthcare facility in Ekiti State or better still, to go to India for a kidney transplantation.
“Convinced that there was no need to go as far as India, another Doctor advised the patient to try Afe Babalola University Multi-System Hospital with the assurance that if the patient takes to his advice, the patient would not come back to the earlier facility because of the equipment, personnel and quality of service available at the ABUAD Multi-System Hospital.
“When the patient got to ABUAD Multi-System Hospital in April, he was impressed with the way he was attended to after which he proceeded to make enquiries about kidney transplantation in ABUAD Hospital which commenced operation about three-and-half years ago.
“Convinced that his case would be resolved in ABUAD Multi-System Hospital, he started looking for kidney donors, but he was not immediately lucky to get one”
The patient in his words said: “When I brought the first prospective donor, he was found not to be fit to donate. I then brought in the second prospective donor. Again, he was found not to be fit. Then I brought in a third, my brother-in-law (name withheld)”.
He added: “After all the screenings, the third prospect was found to be fit. We were all happy and convinced that we were getting a solution to the problem. It was then the series of counselling session for both of us, the donor and recipient, began. We were severally counselled”.
The Coordinator of the Transplant Programme and Lead Nephrologist with the ABUAD Multi-System Hospital, Dr.Stephen Olawale Oguntola stated that “the transplant was done simultaneously on Wednesday, October 13, using a dedicated twin-transplant theatre right here in this Hospital, thus making it the first successful kidney transplant in Ekiti/Ondo axis of the country”.
Oguntola added: “the kidney function started improving right inside the theatre with the new kidney producing 2.3 litres of urine before the end of surgery which lasted for 5 hours, 15 minutes.
“Thereafter, the kidney function has continued to make a sustained improvement. We are very happy about the way both the donor and recipient have responded to the procedure. Both of them are in very high spirits. In fact, the donor was discharged on October 20 and with the look of things, the recipient will be discharged in a couple of days to start his normal life after the transplant”
The Consultant Nephrologist thereafter called on members of the public to avail themselves of the facilities and equipment available in ABUAD Multi-System Hospital, stressing that “ABUAD is an enclave of endless possibilities”
Narrating his experience, the lucky patient who had been to the Indian Embassy thrice but could not get a visa because of Covid-19, was full of gratitude for the Founder& Chancellor of Afe Babalola University, Aare Afe Babalola, SAN, and the Medical team that attended to him.
His words: “When I got here for the first time, I was surprised that a lawyer could put a gigantic Hospital like this in place. At some point, I asked myself how a lawyer could think of this type of thing for humanity. This has endeared me to him the more. But for him, I would have died.
He added: “The equipment here are unparalleled. The Dialysis chairs here are very comfortable. When you sit on them, the next thing for you is to quickly fall asleep. The workers are warm, nice and caring. My prayer for Baba Afe is that he should live longer. If we have more people like him in this country, things would be better. Aare Afe Babalola is comfortable. He just wants to help humanity. He is a good man”.
The patient who was throwing banters with people around expressed deep-rooted appreciation to his brother-in-law, who according to him, did the unimaginable by donating his kidney for him to live.
According to him, “It is only those who genuinely love others that can do what he did”
In appreciation of his experience, he added: “I have since been sharing my pleasant experience with people that ABUAD Multi-System Hospital is the place to be. I have been referring people here.
“I advise people with kidney problems to make their way to Afe Babalola Hospital. This place is better and it is not as expensive as people think. And in any case, what can be more expensive than a man’s life?
Commenting on the successful kidney transplant, Babalola said: “This is a milestone for ABUAD, but I am not surprised because we have quality equipment that are not available in most parts of Africa. No wonder then that major health stakeholders have acknowledged our Hospital as the most well-equipped in Sub-Saharan Africa”.
He added: “It gives me immense joy because we have succeeded in convincing people that nothing is impossible here. Our prices are affordable. We have the equipment and well-trained and experienced personnel. There is therefore no need for anyone to go abroad for any treatment whatsoever.  Anything and everything can be done here. I am happy that my dream of having a functional university has been realized before my very eyes”.

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