ONDO APC Primary: Group Condemns Conduct of Election, Faults Leadership Under Ganduje

…Tasks Tinubu To
Salvage Party’s Integrity.

Olatunde Lincoln

A socio political group in Ondo State, Sunshine Alliance has Condemned the conduct of the APC Governorship primary election held on Saturday, saying the conduct of the exercise lacks credibility and fairness.

The group in a Statement issued by its coordinator, Ayomide Olamiju on Sunday and made available to newsmen in Akure the State capital also pointed out that the conduct of the exercise was marred with irregularities and corruption, while describing declaration of any winner in the exercise as a travesty of justice.

Olamiju condemned the primary election process due to the violence recorded, corruption on the part of the leadership of the party, the failure of the electoral officers to bring election materials to voting venues across the state, as well as the announcement of vague results on the social media, while describing this development as worrisome and a shame to the party, he added that cancellation of the exercise should be prioritized for fresh ones.

Olamiju who alleged widespread irregularities in the exercise conducted by the Ondo APC Primary Election Committee led by Governor Usman Ododo of Kogi State, said the event withing the party raises some concerns about it’s states of affairs as he alleged corruption and other social vices as part of the clog in the wheels of the Progressives party in the state.

“In the realm of Nigerian politics, recent events within the ruling party have raised concerns about the state of affairs and the leadership at play. The back-to-back governorship primary elections orchestrated under the tutelage of a prominent political figure have unraveled a tapestry of disarray, corruption, and discord, casting a shadow of apprehension over the future of the party” .

“The epitome of these worrisome developments lies in the glaring instances of high-level corruption, thuggery, and the fracturing of the party’s unity. The primary elections, instead of embodying the spirit of democracy and fair play, have metamorphosed into arenas of malpractice, manipulation, and power plays, leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of party faithful and observers alike” .

He further queried leadership of the party under former Governor of Kano State, Abdullahi Ganduje “who had been earlier alleged to have been involved in a multi-Billion Naira contract in Ondo State to install unpopular candidate was still allowed to superintend the exercise.”

Olamiju who also expressed his displeasure over this development also said that the Ganduje leadership as arrowhead of corrupt practices not only tarnish the image of the party, but erodes the trust of the entire populace on whom governed them.

“Central to this narrative is the leadership under which these events unraveled. The party structure under the stewardship of Gaduje has been described as a hotbed of corruption and disarray, with allegations of mismanagement and ethical breaches festering within its ranks. Such a portrayal not only tarnishes the reputation of the party but also erodes the trust of the populace in the political institution meant to steer the affairs of the nation”.

He said President Tinubu’s lackadaisical atitude towards the happenings in Ondo State, and his failure to instil discipline and orderliness in the party hierarchy has allowed internal strife, power struggles and discord, which he said has further threatened unity and cohesion among it’s stalwarts.

“Tinubu, has come under scrutiny for his perceived lack of decisive leadership and failure to instill the necessary discipline and order required to navigate the party through turbulent waters. The absence of a firm hand at the tiller has allowed internal strife, power struggles, and discord to permeate the party’s fabric, threatening its cohesion and effectiveness as a political force”.

“In light of these unsettling developments, a clarion call must be sounded for Tinubu to awaken to the realities at hand and effect the requisite adjustments to salvage the integrity and viability of the party. The future of the party, as well as the broader political landscape, hinges on the ability of its leadership to rise above the current quagmire, institute reforms, and steer the ship toward calmer waters”.

“Tinubu must heed this call to action, not only for the party’s sake but for the preservation of Nigeria’s democratic ideals and the sustenance of a political environment conducive to progress and prosperity. The time for complacency and ineffectuality is past; the time for decisive leadership and transformative change is now”.

“Ultimately, the fate of the party and its ability to weather the storms ahead rest in Tinubu’s hands. It is incumbent upon him to rise to the occasion, reassert his leadership credentials, and chart a course that restores faith in the party’s integrity, unity, and vision for a better tomorrow. The resilience of the party and the nation’s democratic fabric depends on his ability to heed this clarion call and effect the necessary reforms without delay”,he said.

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