Nollywood : Shan George Decries Unprofessionalism in Film industry due to Bad Eggs

Popular Nollywood actress Shan George has lamented the filtering of bad eggs in film industry which she said has led to unprofessionalism in the sector .

She also decried the rate at which the challenge is affecting other Professional areas at all time.

She stated “The bad eggs, who are not well educated and trained enough for the job to know the rules and tenets of the profession are the ones responsible (for unprofessionalism.

“The sad part is that such display of unprofessionalism is currently increasing by the day in all industries.”

Speaking on how being a graduate of Mass Communication has helped her career. the actress said, “As a graduate of Mass Communication, who majored in broadcasting, my training was more on television, screen writing, presenting, and dissemination of news. It is very much about what my current job in Nollywood entails.”

Going down memory lane on how she joined the movie industry, she said, “My journey into Nollywood began in 1996, when I attended an audition for a movie role at Maryland, Lagos. It was not even planned. I just escorted my sister there, and I was also auditioned to play a part in the movie titled, ‘Thorns of Rose’, and produced by Emeka Osai. At that point, I was already acting a role in the nationwide NTA soap opera, ‘Winds of Destiny’, directed by Sadiq Daba. The journey has been great so far.”

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