Nigerian nurse writes insightful books on “Safe Motherhood’ , “Family Planning

…As EKSG pledges support

By Wole Balogun

Ekiti State-born Mrs Tomiike Arowosegbe, who is a registered nurse and an instructor at the prestigious Afe Babalola University Ado-Ekiti (ABUAD), has written two insightful books to enlighten women on how to ensure safe delivery and prevent complications during pregnancy, labour and delivery.

This was just as the state government, represented by the Hon. Commissioner for Women Affairs, Mrs Peju Babafemi, has promised to support the author in promoting her publication, adding that the books are useful in educating women at all levels on safe childbirth and for family planning.

Speaking about Arowosegbe’s books, when the author presented copies to her in her office recently, Mrs Peju Babafemi, said:” I am so delighted about the two books written by an Ekiti daughter, a registered nurse and midwife, Tomiike Arowosegbe. She has written two books – “Safe Motherhood” and “Family Planning”, it is about preventing reproductive health challenges and how mothers can experience healthy childbirth or delivery.
This is a strong message to the young ladies that they should spend their time productively. Looking at the books, they are of international standard, the cover and contents. We will find these publications very useful in our women’s development activities, education and welfare.
We will use the insights provided by Mrs Arowosegbe for our women in all the local government areas in Ekiti State.

“My charge to other young ladies is to take cues from great and upcoming leaders like Tomiike Arowosegbe who used her time meaningfully and productively. I am sure she used a lot of her time doing this and we can see the fruits. Young ladies should chase essential things and not nonessential things

“God has not created anyone as junk, everyone is gifted and it is important they use their time productively so that they would not become a burden to themselves and humanity”, she advised.
The author who explained the inspiration behind writing the two books as the dire need to educate women on safe pregnancy, delivery and family planning, said:” Looking at the rate of maternal mortality and the rate at which women develop complications during pregnancy, labour and delivery, l thought of the way out and possible solutions to all these challenges, and how l can influence my community and the country as a whole with my professional skills to reduce the rate of maternal mortality and the rate at which people develop complications during pregnancy and delivery. So, these books were written to provide solutions to all these challenges and a major motivation is to see to the rate at which maternal mortality can be significantly reduced.
“As professionals, our target is to reduce maternal mortality to less than 70 per 100,000 live births and several solutions were suggested in these books to how to take precautions against anything that can cause complications during pregnancy, labour and after delivery.
She also talked about the importance of immediate and proper registration for ante-natal care, regular check-ups, ensuring that you seek proper medical care at the right time and in the right place and with the right people and compliance to whichever instruction is given. Similarly, she encourages pregnant women to avoid self-medication and anything that can predispose anyone to complications.
“My recommendation to the government is that they should prioritize maternal health care and establish policies that will improve maternal health care services, safe pregnancy and delivery. These will in turn prevent complications during pregnancy, labour and delivery and effective care will be ensured. l also recommend these books to the government at all levels, stakeholders and women generally because all that is provided in the books will assist on the topics in focus. Every step they need to take about their care and also daily confessions that can help them to be spiritually sound during pregnancy, labour and delivery among others have been provided. “

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