Nigerian Doctor bagged 3yr- Jail in UK for Negligence, Professional misconduct

An 85-year-old Nigerian doctor, Isyaka Mamman has been sentenced to three years jail term in the United kingdom for negligence and Professional misconduct that led to untimely death of one Shahida Parveen.

Manchester Crown Court in the UK administered the judgement on the medical ocogenarian who confessed to killing Parveen- a mother of three, during a failed procedure in 2018 at the Royal Oldham Hospital.


Mamman pleaded guilty to gross negligence manslaughter on Monday.

According to Sky News, the medical practitioner who had previously been suspended for lying about his age, used the wrong needle and inserted it in the wrong place, piercing the sac holding Parveen’s heart.

The court heard how the 48-year-old Parveen lost consciousness as soon as the needle was inserted, causing her husband to flee the room shouting: “He killed her. I told him to stop three times and he did not listen.”

Before her death, Mamman had been responsible for a series of critical incidents, including one that left a patient permanently disabled


Sentencing him at Manchester Crown Court, Mrs Justice Yip said the death was his main responsibility but the hospital trust should have done more after Mamman had lied about his age and botched previous procedures.

The Nigeria-born doctor’s “true age” remains a matter of “controversy”, the court heard, as his birthplace did not have a birth registration system.


He qualified as a doctor in Nigeria in 1965 and had worked in the UK since 1991 but, throughout his career, he gave a number of different birth dates.

During his medical training, he gave a date of 16 September 1936, which meant that he was 21 when he began his medical training and 81 at the time of the fatal incident.

He later revised his date of birth down to 1941 and, as it was approaching his time to retire, he changed it again to October 1947.

The date, which would imply he started his degree at the age of 10, was used on his application for naturalisation as a British citizen in 2001.

Three years later, he was found guilty of serious professional misconduct by the General Medical Council and suspended for 12 months for lying about his age.

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