Music Career has opened door of opportunity-Zazzu Singer

Portable who was recently signed by Obi Cubanna as brand ambassador for alcoholic herb, Odogwu Bitters  said windows of opportunities have opened for him through music career.


This was disclosed by the up and coming artiste known for his elbows while hanging out with Damibliz in London.


In what seems like a joke of the century to someone, Portable said, ”taba lowo ibon, a ma order ibon lati Jumia”

The Zazzu coroner  was recently seen been on tour accross the West to promote his brand which was spiked by Olamide via a single song.

Habeeb Okikiola declared himself as a “superstar” after his return from his UK trip on Friday; saying he is now rich and “expensive”.


He furthermore stated that, he has had more open doors of opportunity for himself due to his music career and he is now seeing himself been transitioned from days of want to the era of plenty.


Portable’s trip to the United Kingdom was sponsored by the popular socialite and businessman, Emeka ‘E-Money’ Okonkwo.

Just after his arrival in the UK, Portable took to his Instagram page to share photos and videos of himself and the socialite at the airport. The Zazuu coroner further revealed that he’ll be performing in three cities, while in the UK.

During his visit in the UK, the singer also knocked his former promoter, Quadri Taoreed, aka Kogbagidi, for his alleged refusal to process a trip for him to the United Kingdom.


The Zazzu singer was seen in a video on his Instagram page on Friday, holding foreign currencies with both hands, saying, he needed to announce to the world that he now has money.


He said the cash currently in his hands was acquired through legitimate means and he worked for it hence he was free to show it off however he wanted.

“Expensive OG. Don’t you know I am expensive? I’m a hero, a superstar. I’m now expensive; expensive than your cars and houses. I now have money and I do music for a living.


“It is my money, my legit money so why won’t I show off with it? It is legit money and I’m proud to show it off. I hustle for the money.

“When I was poor, I told everyone my situation. Now that I am a superstar with money, I am also back to inform the world that I now have money. I won’t lie, I’m not poor anymore,” he said.

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