Manifest signs of fibroid that should not be treated lightly

Priscilla Ahemen Maakuna

Many women around the world are victims of fibroid on a daily basis but this condition gets worse because many of these women don’t know some of the early warning signs of fibroid until it is too late.


Uterine fibroids place a large economic burden both on the women who suffer from them, and on the health systems and societies in which they live.

Uterine fibroids are the commonest benign tumours of women and affect all races with a cumulative lifetime risk of around 70%. Despite their high prevalence and the heavy economic burden of treatment, fibroids have received remarkably little attention compared to common female malignant tumours.

According to an article written by Mayoclinic, there are some early signs of fibroid that should never be ignored.

– When you notice you have an enlarged stomach, which can be caused by other health issues but it is also one of the symptoms of fibroid in women that needs to be treated immediately.

– When you notice your menstrual period which usually lasts a few days has lasted longer than usual. This sign should not be treated as trivial, as such you should go for a fibroid test and treatment on time.

– When you have an intense menstrual pain than usual, it shows that you are suffering from fibroid. So, you should go for a fibroid test.

– If you notice pain in your lower back or pelvis that does not go away even after taking some medication, you should go for a fibroid test immediately.

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