Man Confesses to Killing Friend for Flaunting Achievements

A 28-year-old man, Ahmed Wahab who was intimidated over his friend’s achievements has confessed to killing the friend in Osun state.

Wahab was paraded on Wednesday by the State police command.

The suspect,who claimed to have killed his friend, Oguntade Wasiu, admitted that he planned with one Adegoke Ayo to kill their friend, Wasiu who has always flaunted his successes

Wahab claimed to be a tailor and motorcyclist, he confessed that he committed the crime at Modakeke in Osun state on August 8, 2022.

He said, “Wasiu was a friend to Sodiq. I knew him through Sodiq and he was into internet fraud. He has been into yahoo before our friendship more than a year ago

Ayo and I killed Wasiu because he always tells us his achievements, about how much he is making from internet fraud and he flaunts his successes like opening a shop for his wife, buying gold and many more.

“All these grieved my heart and made me envy him. I also engaged in internet fraud but I have never hit any money.

We killed him on the 8th of August 2022. We lured him to a new site because he came to me that he wanted to buy a piece of land. We took him to a bush in Modakeke.

“After he inspected the land, I was in front, Wasiu followed me and Ayo was at the back. While we were going, Ayo held him at the jugular and while he was shouting, Ayo hacked him on the head with a cutlass.

“I went to report myself at the police station after the police suspected me. Although we had a plan that we will collect money from him before we arrived at the site but Ayo killed him,” he confessed.

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