Learning Some Behavioural Insights

Thoughts by Ayotomiwa Ayodele

So talking about “CORRECTION, many of us are guilty of this (me too I am guilty) because we were raised in certain ways, do things with some rules and processes, are used to things happening in a particular way, we seem to have drafted our own “book of conduct” which expect everyone to live by.

We expect people around us to live the way we do, have the same principles and value standing as us, see things from our lens and likes

Many times when we are doing this we come off in the wrong ways, our intentions are being misunderstood, our actions misinterpreted and we get tagged wrongly (I am using WE, OUR US because I am not exempting myself from these acts).

We have forgotten that we can not correct or force someone who cannot receive you, you must first have the wars of the person and make them understand your angle before making the corrections, if not you will meet a brick wall and get frustrated.

The interesting part is that this is not limited to “boss-subordinate”, “lovers/couple, scenarios, it cuts across all facets of life.

Many factors could be responsible for this obviously, intergenerational gap plays a big role; the older generation feels this is how the younger should act or behave because that is “how they behave and know how it should be” because that is what works best for them, forgetting that that might not work for a younger person… A religious moralist feels this is what is expected of the other person without checking to know what the holy books say about that. And the list goes on and on.
Upbringing and differences in background are key factors; I was raised differently from you which definitely means we would see things differently.

My sojourn in the advocacy world keeps opening my eyes to these and the new fellowship I got admitted into on Behavioural Insight is so timely. Because I am getting to learn more about behavioural insights and emotional intelligence.

I think maybe if we become less *FORCEFUL and JUDGEMENTAL* but try to understand the peculiarity of each person we have to deal with per time and address it accordingly, then I think we would have less angry, frustrated people around which will in turn translate to what we see in our society as a whole.

This life no suppose hard ooo, na we just dey make am hard for ourselves. Abeg make everybody go take some cold zobo and call down😁😁

Do have a great weekend.


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