Lagos Commissioner,Omotosho visits LSPC to Evaluate Operational Process, Strengthen Collaboration


Adewumi Ademiju

The Lagos state Commissioner for Information & Strategy, Mr. Gbenga Omotosho on Monday paid working visit to the State Printing Corporation .

Omotosho stated that the aim of the visit was to strengthen collaboration, evaluate operational processes, and affirm the commitment of the Lagos State Government to excellence in the printing and dissemination of vital information to the public.

A press release by the
Head, Public Affairs Unit
Lagos State Printing Corporation,Adeola Ekine made available to Newshereandthere on Tuesday stated that the Commissioner in company of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information & Strategy, Mr. Olumide Shogunle, Director Public Affairs, Mr. Segun Ogundeji, Director Public Enlightenment, Mr. Goke Afolayan and Director Strategy department, Mr. Oyekanmi were received by the Management Staff of LSPC led by the Corporation Secretary, Ms. Anike Fashola

The Commissioner commended LSPC team for their” unwavering commitment to producing high-quality printed materials that have played a vital role in information dissemination across the State”.

Mr. Omotosho’s took a comprehensive tour of the Corporation’s facilities, where he observed the latest printing technologies and techniques employed by the corporation, he added that all members of staff should see themselves as marketers of the corporation, while exchanging ideas on how to further enhance the efficiency and capacity of the corporation.

The Commissioner emphasized the vital role played by Lagos State Printing Corporation in ensuring that accurate and timely information is disseminated to the public, he lauded their contributions to the success of Lagos State Government in communicating its policies, achievements, with promise” to mandate all Public Affairs Officers in the State to patronize the corporation. ” He affirmed the State Government’s unwavering support for LSPC, promising increased collaboration and investment in modern printing technologies to strengthen the corporation’s capabilities, he assured the management staff of continued recognition, “we get good feedback stories from clients, LSPC should do more, like Mr. Governor always say, the result of good work is more work”

He expressed his gratitude to the Corporation Secretary and the entire management staff for their warm reception and the outstanding work they do in service to the people of Lagos State. He concluded that the Ministry of Information & Strategy remains committed to fostering a closer working relationship with the LSPC and will continue to support their efforts to promote information dissemination and excellence in printing services.

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