Julius Berger, Armed Forces School partner on training of personnel, students

In an effort to bridge latent skills gap in the engineering industry, Nigeria’s leading engineering construction company, Julius Berger Nigeria Plc, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Armed Forces Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Mechatronic School (AFEME) towards the training of its personnel and students.

A press statement by the company’s media relations office noted that Head of AFEME Mechatronics School and the host of the event, Capt. Mohammed Idris, while speaking at the MoU signing, described the day as a ‘momentous one’, as the signing of the MoU between the cchool and Julius Berger Nigeria Plc signified another key mileage in the company’s consistency of purpose and proactive contribution to the country’s industrial and technological development and industrial advancement

This alliance is important since it will foster a skilled workforce in the field of Mechatronics, aligning with the ever-evolving demands of the industry; and contribute significantly to the growth and advancement of the Mechatronics sector in Nigeria,” Capt Mohammed stated.

He emphasized that the emerging shared vision for the future will bring about a competent, innovative, and adaptable workforce, just as he congratulated the school and company for the bold step towards shaping the future of education and professionalism in Nigeria.

On his part, the Head of Julius Berger’s Plant and Equipment Department, Francois Roos, who in conjunction with the Human Resource Department coordinates the work of the Academy, said Julius Berger seeks to further enhance the company’s and country’s productivity by proactively taking initiatives to develop the capacities of young minds. Taking that into consideration, he said, “We have to train people for the future because if we don’t we will not be able to contact the benefit of the future offices and for us, at Julius Berger that is very important, and yes, it is the future of the young people, but we also have to sometime train some more people; so that they can also help to give the experience of the past to the younger people.”


Also, speaking during the MOU signing the Head of German Technical Advisory Group said, he would appreciate if Julius Berger becomes the representative of industry, as the national industry will support in developing the new plan because it is a bit bigger than what we can see in AFEME at the moment.

He explianed that the mechanics needed to know how to operate the machines; but this is the basis, and we will do a good job. It is indeed going to be a very big one because it will help develop cooperation in Nigeria and of course, the experience in the industry.

Roos agreed with Col Abel who said that progress depended on the perception of the future of things to come.

On the future, the PED Head compared today’s vehicles with that of the future saying, the vehicles of today still need to be manned or driven by someone who also should know at least a little of the maintenance so that if certain things go wrong with the vehicle, he can fix it, while modern vehicle may not need a driver and one will only have to tell it what to do without knowing even the basic services.

“For this reason, we will be needing people we call Technicians rather than what we call Mechanics now,” he said.


He added that some people in his organisation had been heard saying that we don’t have to train the people because if you do, they will leave.

However, quoting Richard Bradson, he said; “What if you don’t train the workers and they stay, imagine the standard and quality that you will have?

While saying that Himernuel, as the leader of the Academy was always available, he commended the Head of AFEME Mechatronics School, Captain Idris, noting that he deserved the commendation from Col Abel and thanked him for his cooperation as well as praises for HR Head of Julius Berger, Mr. Ojomo, for supporting the Academy.

In his remarks, Ojomo thanked the organisers for believing in Julius Berger adding that, I have no doubt in my mind that this is a start of greater things to come. We are so passionate about the development of our staff and beyond that, we do have something that caters for Nigerians in weeks now within our CSR.

He assured that Julius Berger would remain supportive of the dream of AFEME even as he thanked Captain Idris thank you very much for his support.

The stated furtjer disclosed that the MoU was signed by the Head of German Technical Advisory Group, Lt. Col. Frank Abel, on behalf of the School and Julius Berger’s Head of Plant and Equipment Department, Francois Roos, on behalf of the company, in the presence of Julius Berger’s Human Resource Manager, Femi Ojomo; Head of Plant and Equipment Academy, Ajamah Himernuel; as well as Adeyinka Adeniyi and the Head of AFEME School, Capt. Idris Mohammed. Other Julius Berger staff at the event were Talent Management Manager, Michael Ashofor, as well as Uzoma Olivia and Moses Happiness, both of the media relations office.

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