Japa: First Lady Mocks Nigerians Doing Menial Jobs Abroad

Amina Mansur

Senator Remi Tinubu, the wife of the Nigerian President, has mocked young Nigerians who have relocated overseas in search of greener pastures for taking on jobs they refused to do at home.


She regretted that Nigerians with their level of education left the country to take up menial jobs such as driving a taxi to make a living, at the expense of the dependants they abandoned at home.


She said: “Look at all those people saying they are going to Japa, they go there. What work are you going to do? You know, work that you refused to do at home where you have loved ones, you now end up to go and do there. With all their education, they’re driving cabs, but they won’t drive cabs here.”


Due to the worsening insecurity and economic hardship in Nigeria, many citizens have been travelling overseas while many others are in the process of doing so. The unending search for greener pastures in the country has been tagged ‘Japa Syndrome’.

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