Hon. Jeremiah Umaru: Unveiling the Pride of Nasarawa State in Essence

By Oluwasegun Aina

Hon. Umaru

Communities worldwide celebrate the discovery of a valuable asset within their territory, as it signifies the potential for significant development. Hon. Jeremiah Umaru, representing Akwanga/Nasarawa Eggon/Wamba Federal Constituency of Nasarawa State, emerges as a visionary leader, inspiring enthusiasm among his followers.

He demonstrates a unique ability to maintain focus and takes deliberate steps toward identified goals, even if it requires influencing those around him. Umaru works diligently to embody the qualities he desires to see in others.

Hon. Jeremiah Umaru is an icon, a leader that listens to the general public problems, wants & needs. He’s a leader that listens to more and avails himself to every counsel as long as its concerns the masses. He always sacrifices for the masses and builds the future of the youths, students and the general public. The solutions to the problems of the masses are always his priority. He has visions and always for societal development.

A leading leader that always accept call to service prone to good representation which is guided by the fundamental principles of democracy and responsible leadership. Mr Talk and Do as foundly called is always concerned about the peoples good welfarism, and how everything should be meant to be used to make life better for all. A leader of high intellectual capacitated ability, waking his talk in a given leadership position. His high sense of belonging and humility towards is admirers and lovers is a worthwhile one. Hon. Jeremiah Umaru can be hope for in any leadership position due to his impactful and incredible path walk in previous positions held. An astute leader for good, moral, social and transparent leadership/representation.

Rep. Jeremiah Umaru, emerges as a guiding light, underscoring the pivotal role of downtrodden and less privileged Constituents in securing a sustainable and equitable world for posterity through the disbursement of ₦50,000 each to 125 students in his Constituency to cushion the burden on the parents. Serving as a succor, Rep. Umaru who represents Akwanga/Nassarawa Eggon/Wamba Federal Constituency in the 10th Assembly of the House of Representatives, credited the beneficiaries just when needed, during resumption period.

To Rep. Umaru who’s also the Deputy Chairman, Public Accounts Committee(PAC) of the House of Representatives education is not merely an aspect of posterity’s well-being but it is the cornerstone upon which every future is built. His focus is on promoting equitable access to quality education as a means to empower future generations and ensure they are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of the world they will inherit.

In addition to the first phase of the scholarship scheme, Rep. Umaru is also paying and training 350 Students seeking for admission in the ivory towers through Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination(UTME) organized by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board(JAMB). A committee has been constituted to drive the initiative with the selection and distribution of forms to the beneficiaries across the thirty-five wards of the Constituency. Each ward was allocated ten(10) slots, comprising 5 males, 4 females and one physically challenged person.

In Akwanga LGA, the committee covered Akwanga East, Akwanga West, Andaha, Anchor B, Ningha’an, Gudi, Ningo Bohar, Agyaga, Moroa/Anjida, Nunku and Gwanje wards; in Nassarawa LGA, it Nasarawa Eggon, Kagbu, Umme, Alogani, Lizzi Ezzen, Ende, Agunji, Ubbe, Alushi Ginda, Ikka Wangibi, Mada Station, Igga Brumbrum, Wakama and Kagbu Erroh wards while in Wamba, the committee covered Arum, Gitta, Jimiya, Konvah, Mangar, Nakere, Wayo, Wamba East, Wamba West and Kwara wards

Hon. Jeremiah Umaru distributed 20 cars, 101 scholarships, transformers, deep freezers, grinding machines, sawing machines, cooking stoves for constituents in less than One hundred days in office which makes him the best amongst his peers.

Oluwasegun Aina, a Journalist, Public Affairs Analyst and Masters Student of Nasarawa State University Keffi writes from Abuja. He can be reached at segunainasunday26@gmail.com (08063180051)

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