Hitch free APC National Convention

By Ambassador ( Dr) Dare Owotomobi FCPA

Global Chairman Bola Ahmed Tinubu Solidarity Vanguard Abuja.
28th March, 2022.


The APC National Convention took place on Saturday 26th March at the Eagle Square Abuja. It is a victory for internal democracy and party supremacy as the largest political party in Africa demonstrated to the whole world our internal democratic supremacy.


It is on this note that I congratulate all members of our great party for scuttling the prediction of the prophets of dooms who had predicted a catastrophic outcome of our convention.


The outcome clearly defined us as a standard bearer of political maturity and epitome of democracy.


The able leadership of the founders of our party led by President Muhammadu Buhari and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has once again shown that we are building a strong, dependable and sustainable political structure that will outlived our times and provide the resilience for strong leadership and governance.


I wish to congratulate all the newly elected members of our National Working Committee under the Chairmanship of Senator Abdullahi Adamu and other 77 members of the new EXCO. We trust in your proven leadership capacity and capability to lead our party to victories in all our political endeavours.


We also appreciate the sacrifice, understanding and maturity of our members for imbibing the consensus option of the party which resulted in a free, fair and peaceful convention. The willingness to subject personal or individual aspirations to the overall well being of the party is an enviable height in our democratic journey and worthy of celebration by all.


The race to the 2023 victory of our party has just taken another bold phase and we must replicate the unity of purpose and focus that were applied during the convention to guarantee the victories of our party in all the coming election.


The outcome of the convention is a victory for all as there are no winners or losers but a victory for the party and democracy. We understand that the processes may have gone through some hitches but we must not overlook the greater goods for all in surrendering ourselves to reconciliation and healings.


The task ahead is enormous and our resolves to annihilate all challenges and wither the storms to victory must be our major focus and determination. We owe the Nigerian people the duty to avoid any retrogressive elements back at the helms of affairs in our various leadership arena. We must be united, strong and impregnable to keep the faith and hope of the populace alife for a progressive leadership.


We as progressive must go all out and defend our position through providing quality and competent leadership at all levels. We have the right man to continue on the journey of redemption, reconstruction, and repositioning of our country for prosperity. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a man of vision, character, charisma, capacity, integrity, strength, courage and dexterity that has been appointed by providence to lead our country to remarkable height of growth and development.


I enjoined us all to refuel and be ready to transform our wishes and aspirations for a better Nigeria by making it a personal achievement for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to be our President come May 2023.


The time has come and we must be part of the epoch making history for the rescue of our country from the agents of darkness that are regrouping to return us back to the dark ages that the APC liberated our country from in 2015.

Forward ever, backward never.


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