Hijra: Shun Habit that Tarnish Image of Islam- Cleric Charges Muslims

The Chief Imaam of Ekiti state Government House, Alhaji Abdul Fatai Olorunkemi has tasked Islamic faithful on exemplary acts that promote the tenet of Islam.

The Islamic cleric admonished good conducts and fear of Almighty Allah as the basis of Hijra.

Imaam Olorunkemi gave the submission on Friday in Ado-Ekiti the state capital during Jumat service sermon at the secretariat mosque.

He explained that Hijra marks Islamic New Year.
Urged muslims to embrace it.

“It’s about the journey of Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina. He was born in Mecca.
The Prophet was sent by Almighty Allah to the whole world. The first opponents he had in islam during the propagation came from his family . They sabotaged the religion.

“Whereas, the religion is for Almighty Allah not prophet’s.
The prophet rejected all their offers to forsake Islam. He focused on God. The unbelievers started war against Muslims killing them,destroying their properties.

“The Muslims suffered because they embraced islam.
But at the end the disbelievers ended in poverty and futility. The believers like Abubakr Umar…. triumphed. God saved Umar from being a disbeliever to believer .
Prophet urged people to shun bad habits and value Hijra.

“When they left mecca for Medina. They were well received . The journey from Mecca where they were rejected , to medina where they were accepted is called Hijra. That’s why there is mercy in Medina……”

The cleric during the sermon also highlighted the significance of intention in worshipping God .

“We must avoid habits that can destroy islam. Islam is pure and well organized. Muslims should have confidence in one another. An Islamic faithful should be the type that Controls his tongue

“Your tongue is powerful. Control it don’t use it to destroy others or fellow Muslims”,he stated.

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