Guber Poll:We are set to bring about strategic change in Ekiti,says Bisi Kolawale

Priscilla Ahemen Maakuna


The Ekiti State People’s Democratic party PDP  gubernatorial  Candidate, Bisi Kolawale in the forthcoming June 18 governoship election has disclosed his plan to bring about strategic change in the state.


He said his government when elected would support cottage industry in the state as well as creating a secured environment where investors can come into the state freely to trade.


The PDP candidate spoke on Wednesday in  Ado-Ekiti while addressing newsmen on his Political agenda.


When asked what stands him out among the other contestants, he replied “experience stands me out as a top contender. I am very familiar with the terrain, I am going into office with all of these experiences and this stands me out as an assurance for someone who knows what to do and what he is doing. We are going to have a people-centred government.


“Its all about the people, if the people cannot cheer you on the street like how Fayose used to do, then you are not a people’s man. We are going to make people enjoy the government. We are determined to develop on stomach-infrastructure.


“I have my own character but I respect experience, someone who has been there. People ask if I am not going to be a Fayose’s puppet but I tell them, if it is for the betterment of the people and the society then I am ready to be a puppet,” he said.


He further stated that, his party is capable to do better not only in the aspect of salary payment but deductions payment too.


According to him, when these deductions are not paid, it makes life unbearable for people.


He also stated that, his party is not out to amass wealth but to serve and create an enabling environment where people can go about freely to showcase an example of how a state should be governed.


Bisi while answering a question as to whether he is not rattled by the pedigree of the other contenders and where he stands amongst them all, he stated that, “By the grace of God I stand atop the situation and with the experience I had mentioned earlier, none of them can contest with it. I am the only person who has left a party as the chairman of that party. I am not rattled at all because the situation at hand is not new.


“The reason why I am not rattled is because of the defection of former governor Segun Oni to which does not imply success for them.


“Having a third force is not an issue for us, PDP will always be PDP.”

Replying to another question, as to if he has not been able to roll his campaign because Fayose has closed his purse on him, resulting to his inability to go for consultation, Bisi said,


“Let me talk about Fayose not opening his purse, it is a figment of their imagination. Fayose saw something in me and he has invested a lot in me, through his connections. It is false. We are very strategic in what we are doing. We have done more than consultations, about a week ago we demonstrated a sample of what we are about to do in Ekiti.


“We have developed beyond the normal campaign, we are going to address the people where they are. If we haven’t exhibited the usual thing and you think we are not working then it is not true, we are working, we are reaching out and talking to people,” he said.

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