Group calls for Arrest of ‘Kyari Must Go Now’ Leaders

….Says Protest inimical to National security

Leyoo Ajeokun

The Northern Defence Network has alerted the public on a planned protest by a group under the auspices of ‘Kyari Must Go Now’ to shut down critical Nigerian national economic assets, such as major highways and the NNPC Towers.

The Defence Network declared that such protest is not only felonious and sabotaging but also constitute ‘a significant threat to national security.”

The group called for the arrest of leaders of the Kyari Must Go Now group in order to interrogate their motives of threatening to shutdown Nigeria’s economic activities by occupying strategic national assets and exposing nude women unto the streets if Group Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited, Mr. Mele Kyari is not relieved of his position.

In a statement signed by the Network’s Chairman, Abubakar Nuhu Sani, said the group it is compelled by true patriotism and love for country to react to a rude, incoherent and indecent purported petition against the Kyari.

“The authors of the senseless petition, apparently commissioned by self-appointed enemies of the NNPCL GCEO recommended among other things, a Forensic Audit of the Fuel Subsidy regime in the last 8 years.

“In an attempt to rub President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in their unstatesmanlike, misguided misadventure, the obscure coalition claimed to be his key supporters after which they threatened to mobilize and organize a one million youth march to compel compliance.

“Constituting themselves into an imminent national security threat and apparent saboteurs of the Tinubu administration the authors of the felonious petition, some of whom claim to be lawyers, vowed to shut down such critical national economic assets as the East-West Road, the Benin-Ore Road, Abuja-Lokoja Road, the Asaba-Onitcha Road and mobilize another 5OO youths to shut down the NNPC Towers, Abuja,” he said.

According to Sani, these are actions that are not only felonious and sabotaging the nation’s progress but also pose a significant threat to national security. Therefore, it is imperative that these groups be dealt with accordingly to safeguard the nation’s economic stability and security.

He said the threat by these groups to shut down critical Nigerian national economic assets, such as major roadways and the NNPC Towers, are felonious, sabotaging, and pose a significant threat to national security.

“The disruption of transportation routes and the oil industry undermines economic progress, regional integration, and foreign investment. Moreover, these actions can lead to social unrest, fuel shortages, and violence, jeopardizing the nation’s stability,” he said.

Calling for the arrest of the identified signatories to the petition in order to safeguard Nigeria’s economic stability and security, Abbah said swift action must be taken to ensure the uninterrupted flow of economic activities, protect national progress, and maintain the safety and well-being of Nigerian citizens.

“In another apparent rush to please their sponsors and earn their pay, the uncultured authors of the mindless petition threw decency to the winds by threatening to resort to primitive tactics involving dragging nude women unto the streets in their protests,” he said.

Sani noted that whereas public protests have long been an essential tool for individuals and groups to express their grievances and advocate for change, however, the effectiveness and ethical boundaries of such protests have been clearly defined.

“This particular immoral tactic of threatening to expose nude women on the streets is certainly unacceptable and should not be allowed by the authorities.

“To threaten to expose nude women on the streets in the name of protest is an uncivilized, indecent, indecorous, primitive, immoral and filthy act that should not be tolerated. It violates personal dignity, erodes public decency, degrades the protest message, and exposes women to potential harm and exploitation. Instead, protests should strive to uphold the principles of respect, inclusivity, and constructive dialogue to effect meaningful change.

“Authorities must take a firm stance against this threat by immediately arresting and interrogating the motives of the signatories to the petition to ensure the preservation of a civilized society that values the rights and dignity of all its members,” he stated.

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