Giant strides of Mr. Emmanuel Jegede at Ekiti State Local Government Service Commission

By Omotayo Peter

The Ekiti State Local Government Service Commission has been experiencing a period of unprecedented growth and development, spearheaded by the capable leadership of Mr. Emmanuel Jegede, Permanent Secretary of the Ekiti State Local Government Service Commission. His visionary approach has ushered in a series of transformative initiatives that have elevated the commission to new heights since he came on board over a year a go

One of the most significant achievements of this effective and efficient manager of man and resource is the enactment of the groundbreaking “Ekiti State Local Government Administration Law, 2023.” This revolutionary legislation, passed by the Ekiti State House of Assembly and subsequently signed by His Excellency Mr. Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji, Governor of Ekiti State in June 2023, has paved the way for the creation of three new vital departments within the Local Government Service . These departments included Information and Civic Orientation, Legal Services, and Central Internal Audit/Internal Audit, position the local government system to better service delivery

Under the leadership of Mr. Jegede, a dutiful and resourceful officer , a series of critical improvements have been implemented, ensuring the smooth functioning of the commission. Previously grounded official vehicles, belonging to various departments, have been skillfully repaired and are now operational, contributing to efficient operations. Notably, the departments equipped with refurbished vehicles include Training and Manpower Development, Appointment and Posting, General Administration, Establishment and Management Services, and Special Duties.

In a remarkable show of commitment and dedication to effective governance, on June 20th, 2023, the commission, under Mr. Jegede’s guidance, facilitated the purchase of Thirty-Eight (38) official vehicles. These vehicles were distributed to the Heads of Local Government Administration across Ekiti State, empowering them to carry out their responsibilities with heightened efficiency and productivity, particularly when catering to the needs of the grassroots communities.

Furthermore, the commission, under Mr. Jegede’s leadership, embarked on an essential process of identifying and recommending senior officers for key appointments, including Executive Secretaries and Heads of Local Government Administration. This strategic move has injected fresh talent and expertise into the commission’s leadership structure, enhancing its capacity to drive impactful change.

In another demonstration of commitment to growth, a total of four hundred and forty-four (444) personnel were appointed into various positions within the Local Government Service. This infusion of new talent showcases Mr. Jegede’s dedication to enhancing the human resource capacity of the commission.

Recognizing the importance of continuous learning and integration, this unique and outstanding personality initiated an Induction Orientation Programme tailored for new intakes in the Local Government Service. This program equipped newcomers with the knowledge and skills required to excel in their roles, fostering a culture of excellence and professional growth.

The commission’s infrastructure was not left untouched, as Mr. Jegede authorized the procurement of three laptop computers and two desktop computers. Additionally, a new HP 2055 printer, a 6.5KVA petrol generator, and modern photocopy machines were acquired, further optimizing the commission’s daily operations.

Under the leadership of Mr. Jegede, the commission’s commitment to staff welfare has witnessed significant enhancements, contributing to a motivated and engaged workforce.

In recognition of outstanding contributions, the commission presented an award to the most exceptional staff member, underscoring the value placed on hard work and dedication.

Structural improvements were also undertaken, with the repair and re-roofing of the BPR & S and Procurement Department, demonstrating the commission’s commitment to maintaining a conducive work environment.

In summation, Mr. Emmanuel Jegede’s tenure as the Permanent Secretary of the Ekiti State Local Government Service Commission has been marked by visionary leadership and transformative initiatives. His unwavering dedication to progress and development has positioned the commission as a formidable force in service delivery and governance, positively impacting the lives of Ekiti State residents at the grassroots and beyond.

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