Gbonyin LCDA Residents Rally Behind Hon. Damilare Ajayi for Second Term as Chairman

…..Unprecedented Development , Commitment to Progress Highlight Ajayi’s Candidacy

In what can only be described as a resounding call for continuity, residents of Gbonyin Local Council Development Area (LCDA) are throwing their unwavering support behind the incumbent Executive Chairman, Hon. Damilare Ajayi, as he seeks re-election for a second term. The groundswell of support according to them can be attributed to the remarkable strides and transformation witnessed under his leadership, firmly establishing him as a beacon of modern-day politics in the region.

“During his tenure, Hon. Damilare Ajayi has overseen a slew of impactful initiatives and infrastructure projects that have left an indelible mark on the LCDA. “From the heart of the community to its economic lifeblood, every facet of Gbonyin has seen significant improvements.

“One of the standout achievements of Hon. Ajayi’s administration is the construction of a block of five administrative offices, along with other facilities, which have become central to the efficient functioning of the LCDA”. Furthermore, an abandoned building that had languished for years was  said to have been renovated and transformed into the Executive Chairman’s office, breathing new life into it.

“Marketplaces across Gbonyin have also received a much-needed facelift under his leadership. Notably, 20 units of market stalls in Ijan Ekiti were renovated, 10 units of open market stalls in Iluomoba Ekiti were constructed, and 20 units of market stalls in Aisegba Ekiti were refurbished”

” These improvements not only enhance the comfort of traders but also contribute to increased Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).”

In a commendable move to bolster security, Hon. Ajayi’s administration provided motorcycles for security personnel in Gbonyin LCDA, ensuring better mobility for law enforcement agencies. Township roads have not been left out, as grading and rehabilitation efforts have touched several communities, including Ijan Ekiti, Iluomoba Ekiti, and Aisegba Ekiti.

Additionally, the council’s secretariat has undergone a major transformation with the perimeter fencing of the entire premises, enhancing security and tidiness. Regular security meetings and provision of funds for logistics demonstrate the chairman’s unwavering commitment to the safety of the LCDA’s residents.

However, perhaps one of the most noteworthy aspects of Hon. Ajayi’s leadership is his dedication to human capital development. His administration has invested significantly in staff training and retraining through seminars and workshops, ensuring that the LCDA’s workforce remains competent and capable.

In the agricultural sector, Hon. Ajayi has tapped into the region’s agricultural potential, cultivating large hectares of land for cash crops such as yam, maize, and cassava, thereby contributing to food security and economic growth.

In summary, the achievements and impact of Hon. Damilare Ajayi’s administration in Gbonyin LCDA are undeniable. He has demonstrated visionary leadership, a commitment to progress, and a knack for turning challenges into opportunities. As residents unite behind his candidacy for a second term, the message is clear: Hon. Damilare Ajayi is the catalyst for Gbonyin’s continued greatness, and his re-election is essential to sustaining the positive transformation of the LCDA.

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