Fayemi’s Legacy ‘ll Forever remain Indelible ,Says Adedayo

…..Affirms Oyebanji’s Capability to Spearhead Continuity Agenda

As the current administration of Ekiti state governor,Dr.John Kayode Fayemi is winding up the tenure to usher another administration on 16th October 2022,an All Progressives Congress chieftain in the State, Hon. Adesola Gold Adedayo, has declared that the legacy that would be left behind by the governor would forever remain indelible in the history of the state.

The Osun Ekiti born former Senior Legislative Assistant in the National Assembly however expressed Confidence that the governor-elect ,Mr Biodun Oyebanji has the wherewithal to continue the Champion of Fayemi’s development policies initiated for the benefit of Ekiti people.

He averred that Fayemi’s exploits in human capital development, good governance, gender equality and infrastructure, would be a reference point and template for development for the next five decades.

Adedayo said this in a statement made available to newsmen in Ado Ekiti, on Saturday, expressing joy that Fayemi’s second term will be veritable source of inspiration to future leaders .

The APC Chieftain, Adedayo

The APC stalwart , who was enthralled that Fayemi’s legacy would serve as a springboard for further development of the state, said though the legacy might be intimidating, but he expressed confidence that the governor elect, Biodun Oyebanji won’t disappoint the people.

He agreed with the statement credited to Fayemi that Ekiti would savour the gains of continuity under Oyebanji, saying the governor- elect would hit the ground running, having been part of the development process being initiated by the leaders of progressive party in the state.

Describing Fayemi as having the mastery of governance under a 21st century economy, Adedayo stated that the outgoing governor’s pair with the First lady, Erelu Bisi Fayemi, has been beneficial to the populace in all spheres.

Cataloguing those landmark achievements that had made Ekiti an epicentre and microcosm of good governance, Adedayo averred that Fayemi up -to -date payment of workers’ salaries despite the dwindling revenues to the state attested to his outstanding ingenuity and prudence in financial management.

“When other states that are more financially buoyant are now paying half salary, Fayemi has been paying salary and pension up to date with good prognosis that he will defray the promotion, salary and person arrears incurred by the immediate past government.

“The most intelligent thing Fayemi did that had distinguished him as a visionary leader was the sponsorship leading to the promulgation of a Transition Law, which now makes it criminal for any goverment to abandon any project left by any predecessor”.

Adedayo saluted Fayemi for abolishing fees slammed on primary and secondary school pupils by immediate past administration upon assumption of office, saying the policy had bolstered enrolment in schools and mop the streets of dropouts .

“Today, the children of the poor now have access to basic education without impediment. This is the best legacy any government can give. The governor also built four model schools in Ado Ekiti to create a leverage for some children who were trekking several kilometres before arriving schools.

“In tertiary education,Governor Fayemi upgraded the College of Education, Ikere Ekiti to a full fledged university named after a prominent son of Ekiti and former Ondo state governor, Evang Bamidele Olumilua.

“He also established the Ekiti State Polytechnic in Isan Ekiti to create avenue and platform for Ekiti youth to acquire higher certificates. The new institutions had provided job opportunities for myriad of youths , professionals and expatriates in Ekiti”, he stated.

Adedayo added that Fayemi’s agriculture policy cum industrial strides with the Ikun Dairy Farm has made Ekiti a reference point in term of innovativeness in governance.

“With public private partnership with Promasidor Nigeria Limited, Governor Fayemi has revamped the moribund Ikun Dairy Farm. With 700 herd of cows, the milk producing firm now churns out over 10,000 litres of dairy product daily to boost the economic potential of Ekiti in revenue spinning .

“The governor had been so magnanimous to local farmers. More than two million indigenous trees and cocoa seedlings had been given to Farmers to spur plantation agriculture. Over a billion naira had also been earmarked to propel plantation agriculture yearly through budgetary provision.

“Now, youth are being encouraged into farming through the Youth in Commercial Agriculture. With this, many youth are farm owners and are contributing to the economic development of the state, rather than being jobless and unnecessarily prone to criminal activities”.

The APC chieftain commended Fayemi for making Ekiti one the best states with good road network, saying the influx of inter-state vehicles to Ekiti attested to this fact.

“Even with paucity of funds, Governor Fayemi has been able to prove that Ekiti has the capacity to expand the scope of its own infrastructure. The construction of Ijan-Igbemo-Ilupeju, Aramoko-Erinjiyan, Oye-Isan-Iye-Igogo, Ode-Isinbode-Omuo, Ado-Iworoko-Ifaki and the flagship Ado-Iyin dual carriage way, go a long way in substantiating the fact that Governor Fayemi is one leader with passion for development”.

Speaking further, Adedayo said: “The newly constructed Civic centre in Ado Ekiti, the Old People’s Home that will be commissioned soon, five phases of buildings at the state Secretariat to create comfort for workers, are also landmark achievements that had etched Governor Fayemi’s name in gold”.

Adedayo lauded Governor Fayemi for having a record of appointing the highest number of political appointees in Ekiti history, thereby reestablishing the fact that governance is not a one-man show.

In gender balancing, Adedayo showered encomiums on Governor Fayemi and the first lady, Erelu Bisi Fayemi for partnering to ensure that women’s voices and that of girls are not subjugated in the scheme of things while also making them relevant in politics.

“Governor Fayemi had succeeded in launching women and girls to prominence through legal protection. With the Gender Based Violence Prohibition and Child’s Rights Laws in place, it is now a crime to beat any woman, cheat them or treat them as second class citizens in Ekiti.

“As of today, women are appointed as commissioners, Special Advisers, Special Assistants while many are holding pivotal political positions at the Federal level . Scores of women were also encouraged to contest for political positions to the State and National Assemblies and they succeeded through Governor Fayemi and First Lady’s influences.

“The most grievous offence now in Ekiti is to rape a woman or girl. The penalty is life jail, while those who are using children as slaves, prostitutes and depriving them access to education were being tried in courts and made to face the consequences of their actions”.

Adedayo said Fayemi’s commitment to fighting insecurity and create peaceful atmosphere had attracted international partners to Ekiti, saying this was responsible for the upsurge of development programmes being witnessed in the state.

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