Ekiti Goes Spiritual  to tackle Nation’s Challenges

….as renown World  Evangelist ,Howard-Browne Storms Aramoko Kingdom
Leyoo Ajeokun
 In an  attempt to enable the country overcome various challenges affecting  the economic development and prosperity ,a three day crusade  revival  has been organized for fervent prayers to seek God’s solution on the predicaments  bedeviling Nigeria.
The programme slated to 4th-7th of September comes up in Aramoko Ekiti, Ekiti west local government area of Ekiti state . The 3- day event  would have the famous world class evangelist , Dr. Rodney Howard- Browne as the ministering pastor . The programme which would be anchored by the  Christian Association of Nigeria,CAN, Ekiti state chapter under the chairmanship of Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Aribasoye  was organized by the Atayero of Aramoko Ekiti, His Royal Highness,HRH Ambassador, Dr Olusegun Aderemi .
Atayero while addressing journalists at the weekend  during the pre press conference to usher in the programme stated that  the revival  is necessary to enable Nigerians at this time seek the face of God in  overcoming the various challenges  affecting the nation’s progress .
“We are organizing  Holy Ghost entire African tour by my friend, a renown  evangelist ,Dr  Rodney Howard- Browne  of the Revival ministry international  , he will be having African tour  all the way from Fluorida to Africa  and as God will have it ,he has decided to have Nigeria as  the first  place  and   also  my community, Atayero kingdom,Aramoko Ekiti as his first stop , he would depart from there   to other parts of Africa. We would start the revival, between 4th-7th September and its going to be  all day program starting from the same day they would arrive  Ekiti –  4th of September.
“The entire crusade is taken place on the field of Glory school in Aramoko,  it would start properly on the 5th , day and night at the  school field  till 7th. On that 7th, before they depart,, we are going to have kingdom business partnership  in atayero hall, those we are expecting are, traditional rulers, government officials ,and also business men of God , if you agree  with me, you know that the business  that succeeds  is the one that has the hand of God and is sustainable , the program will enable  people  to do business in a Godly way  and be able to know the difference between entrepreurn , interpreneur  and the benefit of embracing interpreneurship  over entrepreneurship . intreprenurship  is a  form  of  enterprises  where an individual have a business idea  and use that idea  to attract other business people  to share the idea with them ,they would come together  and do that business , by so doing, they will share risk, funding ,and gain  together . that enables somebody to have time  to do other things and share business risks with other professionals , it gives more advantage, and more money  but as an entrepreneur, you   solely face the risk/challenges of the business ,  carry all the burden  while interpreneurn share the risk, burden, profit with people with  opportunity to set up another business  and be able to have multiple business , an enterprenurn also can have multiple businesses, but all alone he will be doing it  and bear the risk alone , dissipate energy alone . we want to teach  people on how to think in the direction of intrepreneurship   and how to have the hand of God in it . The renown evangelist that is coming has a lot of business advice  and a lot of support for our business people.
“A lot of monarchs  ,Christians and non Christians who have heard about this program are coming , during the post press conference after the programme,  when we would  have seen them ,would  be able to mention their names .  a lot of clergies within and outside the country have communicated  me to attend the programme .  they have registered their interest and willingness to support in any aspect . the in law to the General overseer,G,O , Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye who is the  junior brother to ,Mummy G.O, has a very big Church in  Maryland  with over 1,000 branches  in Nigeria, we have been talking  about  the programme , the head of the church in Ekiti  has spoken with me , they are going to be present
“This programme is being anchored by the Christian Association of Nigeria , CAN , Ekiti state headed by Revd, Dr. Aribasoye , a lot of men of  God are coming and on my own parts, traditional rulers  would be joining us for the programme  and also some of them for the business section.
“Whatever I do, Ooni of ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi  is always there , the maiden edition of Ayan Atayero festival recently in New york, he couldn’t come, he sent his wife, Olori Ashley , we were there together, we did everything together, so if Ooni is  not able to make it to the crusade, he will definitely send representative because he is aware of this programme  and the wife Ashley is also aware of this programme.
“Nigeria as a whole, we need prayers  and prayer is the answer  what is happening everywhere now has gone beyond the comprehension of even the so called  drivers of the economy , they are handicapped, they can’ t help the situation , all we need is just God intervention , let God intervene  in all our problems when you don’t have solutions to a problem, you call on Almighty God  to give a way  and that is what we are doing in Aramoko, I want that reflection from this aramoko to start from Ekiti and go to the entire 36 states of Nigeria , we need prayers, what is happening in Niger republic is a big challenge and that also needs prayers , one thing has led to another , that particular country was under military rule , they decided to go on democracy  and this democracy is truncated because of the reason and now military rule again, so there is a problem, that part of problem, we don’t pray it happens  here  and I’m happy I’m bringing this man of God this time , so that nothing like war.  This crusade revival  is to  take care of that and for God to see us and hear our prayers for better things to come  most especially in this my kingdom, the way things are supposed to be is not the way it is  and I know everybody in Ekiti is all experiencing it one way or the other.
“we  pray to God for help  through this prayer for a way out  for the general problem.  I believe after the three days powerful prayers, Heavenly Host will shower some blessings , and light will shine.  Nigeria will get out of these problems, exchange rate, fuel subsidy  are disturbing, its not that the president himself wants the problem to happen , hike of fuel is not deliberate  but its circumstances beyond control   its Almighty God that can show us the way, we believe at the end of the programme, there will be solution to our problems “
On the issue of palliatives, atayero said “ let me first of all correct the impression on the palliatives, the federal government is not giving out money to the governors , presidency have also learnt their lessons , they are not doing it as business as usual .Against  the impression that the money will be given to the state governor, the government want to distribute through traditional institution , the reason for that is best known to them  and I think is based on  past experience , however there is no way  such will not pass through the state government and the state governors  have their roles as far as government is concerned.”
 The convener of the 3-day  prayer revival stressed that   the program  will also feature distribution of palliatives to the participants .” we have empowerment for widows and some clergy wives, we have palliatives for all, we are also going to put light into their homes, part of the palliatives will be distribution of solar  and others just to help people . For the number of  days participants will eat , drink and go home with something “, he stated.

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