Eidl Fitri: Lagos APC Chairman,Ojelabi felicitates Muslims , sues for continuous prayer, commitment

Chairman of APC in Lagos State, Pastor Cornelius Ojelabi, has urged Muslims across the state and the country to let the faith that they exhibited and practised during Ramadan fast be sustained beyond the Holy month.

Ojelabi rejoiced with Muslims on their completion of the annual 30 days of fasting and prayers in the Month of Ramadan and advised them not to go back to the bad behaviors that they have endured in the month

In a statement in Lagos, the chairman said, “I thank you all because I have the assurance and belief that as you were praying for one another, and for your individual families in the month of Ramadan, you were also praying for Lagos State under Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and our nation, Nigeria, under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for God to continue to grant us His divine interventions, mercies and blessings. May Allah accept our supplications and grant us his peace and love.”

The APC Chairman enjoined Muslims to, in their private and public capacities, live by the pious tenents and norms of Islam that they have imbibed in Ramadan.

He enjoined them to always live by the discipline of showing kindness, caring for the aged and the less privileged, feeding the poor, clothing the naked and sharing what they have with one other and the other good deeds that they practiced during Ramadan fast.

The APC chieftain added that with those attributes from the Muslim faithful, they will be making the world a better place for all. They will be discouraging criminal activities and other social vices that had become the norm in our society,he said.

He appealed to parents and guardiance to continue to uphold and discharge their God-given responsibilities to their children and wards.

“Let us remember that evil communications corrupt good manners and the child that receives improper upbringing today will be a liability to the society as an adult.

“Our youths must learn patience, tolerance, hardwork, respect for elders, humility and other good virtues needed to live a good life. They should shun the urge for get-rich-quick that is now prevalent among them”

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