Dr Bola Benson: The Silent Achiever

The name Dr Bola Benson may still be sounding strange to many people especially as she has not plunged into the political ring. An area that has made many people’s names to ring a bell or throws them up into fame, catapulting them to become movers and shakers of the society. A woman who has taken the path of ensconcing herself in the academic arena.

She is a resourceful personality and a woman of substance who has remained pertinacious in her efforts to carve a niche for herself and become a key player in this ever-changing and competitive society conduced by human nature. A woman that devotes her precious time to what will chart a prosperous future for her and impact positively on the society.

Dr Bola Benson relishes in the academic world, a versatile writer that has churned out many published articles that have featured on different online platforms. She is very much abreast of the value of education in human affairs, and wasted no time in going the whole hog to embrace it. Today, it is not out of place to say that she is gradually reaping the reward of her efforts by putting such into practice.

Apart from being one of the women that have cultivated their fields to nip hunger in the bud through her giant strides knowing that knowledge is like a garden which cannot be harvested if not cultivated. One significant attribute of this simple but wonderful woman is that she enjoys learning new things almost every day without which she easily gets bored as studying has become part of her body system.

She has demonstrated unwavering commitment and dedication to education particularly in Leadership Development and Sector Management. Continuous Education and Professional Training have been contributed to her attainments in life.

One would not be mistaken to refer to her as a woman of valour whose academic journey began at Conel College of North East, London, United Kingdom, as book-keeper and accountant, where she performed creditably before proceeding to University of London Metropolitan University in pursuance of her Executive MBA.

Her brilliance which was demonstrated by academic prowess charted a new quest for more knowledge and additional qualifications. These metamorphosed into conferring on her double PhD in Business Administration and Public Sector Management.

Dr. Bola Benson served as a Book-Keeper and Project Officer on various projects and consulted for some individuals on education, employment, external referrals and supporting with legal document intelligence in a law firm for three years

This virtuous amazon is currently a Director and Non-Executive Director on boards of other organisations, demonstrating outstanding leadership skills. As a hardworking woman, she is dedicated to supporting, consulting and coaching corporate organisations in skills acquisition because of her passion for societal well-being.

These feats have taken this courageous woman to enviable pedestal where she finds herself today. Quoting her mentor, Dr Ben. who once said, “young lady, you are confident, bold and brave”.

Her passion for doing what she knows how to do best and her divinely guided route have really taken her this far and opened doors of lots of opportunities for her even as she is celebrating her second doctorate degree.

Getting down to these brass tracks, she said, “working in this journey for the past fifteen years has sharpened my life. I have learnt a lot and I am extremely honoured. Henceforth, I would continue to share some of the things I have learnt in my journey”. She pledged.

Dr. Bola Benson, an embodiment of humility, is a very responsible wife and a mother.

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