Don proffers solutions to factors mitigating science education in Nigeria

A Professor of Science Education in Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti (EKSU), Prof. Samuel Akingbade Jegede, has proposed rescue actions to curb the asphyxiating and undulating of science education in Nigeria.

He made this known at the 81st Inaugural Lecture of the Institution, tagged “Science Education In Nigeria: Asphyxiating But Undulating.”

Explaining Science Education and its adverse struggles in Nigeria, Prof. Jegede pointed the evidence that proves science education as asphyxiating in Nigeria.

He stated that overcrowded nature of science classes coupled with inappropriate teaching methods and inadequate teachers in quality and quantity contribute to the undulation of science education.

He also noted the unavailability of laboratories, equipment and instructional materials as a lag to science education, likewise home factor, difficult concept in science, students’ language proficiency and teacher morale.

In order to effect adequate change, Prof. Jegede urged the State government “to raise funds from the Industrial tax which can be used to augment their expenditure in funding science education.”

He also called on the government and concerned stakeholders to constantly engage teachers in in-service training, seminars, workshop and conferences.

To solve overcrowded classes, he said, “Teachers should diversify their methods and employ student-centered approaches to learning.

“The current science classrooms should be activity-laden with emphasis on the laboratory-based method of instruction.”

He noted that once Teachers are adequate in quantity and professionally qualified with other angles carefully considered, then science education would be rescued from asphyxiating and its advancement in scientific and technological development.

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