Crime rate,Unemployment : Emeraldmatters Sets to equip, empower Youths

Damilola Oyeyemi

According to Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics, In 2020, 40% which is equivalent to 83 million Nigerians live in poverty. Nigeria has maintained the infamous position as the poverty capital of the world, with 93.9 people in Nigeria currently living below the poverty line. About 86.9 million people live in severe poverty. Nigeria is known as a country where the highest number of the population live below 1 dollar daily

Poverty is prevalent in Nigeria as a result of these factors which are unemployment, especially among young graduates, corruption and high level of illiteracy.

There has been a lot of discussion in the media on the issue of unemployment and how it threatens the corporate existence of Nigeria as an entity.

A country or continent where the majority of the youth are unemployed is prone to robbery, kidnapping, money laundering, drug abuse, internet fraud, and other social vices that will disturb the peace, security and progress of the country.

African youth which makes up the major population need to be thoroughly equipped and empowered to be productive, peacemakers and relevant in all spheres of their lives .

Emeraldmatters is set to reduce the unemployment rate by empowering African Young persons with the Right skills through their initiative called Accelerate. Accelerate is a month bootcamp where selected youth are mentored, trained and equipped. The program stimulates, and helps them to discover who they are and what they can do to help themselves and their society at large.

“We work with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4( quality education) 8(economic growth and development).”

TIPS for Youths at 20s by Emeraldmatters

Everyone wants to be successful and want the rest of their lives to be the very best. We all desire to live a wealthy and healthy life but it’s just few that are willing to pay the price the required price for greatness. No wonders, it’s few that are successful in their chosen careers.

Every young person’s want a soft life, A life of easy and comfort and full of celebration as well. We all admire the successful people.

The ability to pay the price is what makes one outstanding and different from the rest. Most desire the result but few are really ready to pay the price.

As a young person, Here are some of the things you must do in your early 20s

1. Have a vision
Vision is the ability to think about the future. It helps you to know what you want from life. It will guide you on what exactly you need to do, know and the path to tread.

Vision enables you to see and imagine the future ahead while still building.

2. Have a goal.

Write down the things you want to achieve, the steps required to get there and most importantly a timeline.

The timeline is crucial as you know when the deadline is approaching and you will subconsciously work towards it. Having a deadline will push you to achieve


Avoid any form of distractions. Do not get distracted from the goals you have set. Remember that yours goals are very important and you must make it work. Stick to the plans and make it work.

4. Make time for your goals.
Block out time each day so you can actively work on the goals you’ve set out.

If your goal is to read 1 book a week, make sure you make time to read enough pages a day to complete it. If it’s complete a course. Do it!!!

Little drop of water makes an ocean.

5. Journal
Reflection is super important, you should keep track of how far you’ve come, analyse what you did and how you can make it better!

Journalling can help you stay in the right frame of mind to tackle your goals. It will help to shun any negativity surrounding your goal.

6. celebrate your little wins

Celebrating your wins when you achieve a goal is important. Having a celebrations when you acheived a goal no matter how small it is will help with morale.

It will add to your current momentum. This will push you to become better.

7. Forgive yourself for mistakes.

Mistakes are a part of life and any journey to something worthwhile. Accept this and move on!

The moment you make a mistake, it’s behind you a second after. We are not heading backwards so don’t stand still looking that way.

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