Consumption of Indigenous Foods, catalyst to curing diabetes, high bp – Prof Ajayi

… tasks Govt to empower Farmers for mass cultivation
A Professor of Food and Nutritional Biochemistry in the Ekiti State University, (EKSU), Professor Olubunmi Ajayi has called on Nigerians to embrace eating of Indigenous Foods as  are liable to preventing and curing non-communicable diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, among others.
The University Don stated this at the 82nd Inaugural Lecture of the Institution tagged: “Nutrition and Health: The Inseparable Siamese Twins for Life Sustenance”.
The Professor noted that a lot of people have been ignorant to local food but prefer the ones prepared from restaurants that contain much fats which are detrimental to their health.
“From the various research we have carried out, we discovered that they are nutrient dense and they have a lot of health benefits.
“We discovered that because of the state of the nation, a lot of people have looked away from this Indigenous Food but I want to say that from the various studies we have carried out, we discovered that we can alleviate a lot of non-communicable diseases that are some common in our society now like Diabetes, hypertension, obesity.
“From the outcome of the research, we are encouraging people to embrace eating indigenous food like Esuru, Ajo, chear butter, and people should also embark on eating plenty of vegetables because they have rich resources of nutrient for a healthy body.
“They should desist from eating food from eateries which often contain fats that can be detrimental to health.”
While calling on the Government to empower Farmers to cultivate food crops that are almost going into extinction, she implored them to create awareness for the people to place premium on Indigenous Foods for their Sustenance.
“Farmers should be empowered to embark on this cultivation of these food crops that are almost going into extinction.
“They should also create awareness to the public that the food we are undermining are actually good for our sustainence.”

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